How to Learn Web Development in 2023

Web development is one of the fastest-growing fields nowadays and it seems that it will remain swelling when everything is moving towards online. However, if you still are curious about why to learn web development, here are some arguments for.

Why learn web development?

Let’s start with demand. Today (August 2023), on, there are more than 20 500 positions for Web Application Developer available. Meanwhile, on, there are more than 41 700 same positions opened during the last month.

Web development salary

The salary for each level also tells a lot. According to, here is what on the average a web application developer in the US earns, annually (divided by the level of professionalism & work experience):

  • Junior – $60K – $80K
  • Middle – $80K – $100K
  • Senior – $100K – $120K

More to that, about 5,5 million new websites are created globally each day. This means there will be much work for web developers – from creating new websites to improving and maintaining existing online projects. 

Among other reasons are that you can work from any place in the world and also you can choose between working in-house or as a freelancer.

How long does it take to learn web development?

Great, from the question ‘Why’ we are moving to the question ‘How.’ There is no one answer to the question above; however, a person can spend approximately 3 to 9 months including the practice which is the key part of any development process. Still, the path of learning web development is an ongoing process while there are many topics and skills needed. Moreover, this field is very dynamic, which means you need to fastly track the major changes in documentation and trends.

How to learn web development?

The ways to learn it are different, however, the key is your self-motivation. One of the most common popular paths is obtaining a college degree and then, finding a position of a trainee or apprenticeship in some IT-company. Another way is to learn it on your own (or with a mentor) by enrolling in some online courses or a Bootcamp. 

On our website, we are revealing the second way, so below is the list of top free and paid online courses to learn web development. Each of the paid programs offers a web development certificate after completion. 

Top 10 Web Development Courses

We know that paid classes are often deeper and you get a mentor which is definitely an advantage. However, what is more important, if you pay, you usually feel more motivated for staying on track. So, below are the top 10 paid web development courses. 

1.TreeHouse Web Development (Front End Web Development TreeHouse track) Course

This course lasts around 60 hours and covers all from HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React to hosting a website. 

teamtreehouse_web development course

Read more in the comprehensive TreeHouse review or explore the course page. 

2.Thinkful Software Engineering

Expensive yet a well-structured program aimed at introducing you to full-stack web development. It includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, NodeJS, Express, and React. The duration is 5 months.

thinkful web development

Read the deep review of Thinkful.

3.Full Stack Web Developer by Udacity 

This course covers both Front-end topics like HTML and CSS and also it touches a server part; you will also learn Python, SQL, and Git. It lasts 4 months and costs $1356.

udacity web development

Read more about this company in the Udacity review

4.The Complete Web Developer in 2020: Zero to Mastery on Udemy

This course covers everything you need to become a Full-Stack Software Engineer, from front-end (HTML, CSS, JS) to back-end (NodeJS) development. The duration of video materials is more than 30 hours.

The price depends, usually, it’s $12-20.

5.The Web Developer Bootcamp

This is another programming course on Udemy. It reveals HTML, CSS, JS, Node, Express and MongoDB, HTTP requests, and many more topics which you will learn within 46 hours of video lessons. The price varies from $12 to $20, depending on the season. 

6. Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

udemy web development

This one available on Udemy covers Web Development using Python and particularly its framework, Django. Also, it includes such topics as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery. You will learn and practice how to build websites with more than 30 hours of video materials. The price is also $12-20.

Read our Udemy review to know more about this e-learning provider. 

7. React: Getting Started, Pluralsight

This online course by Pluralsight shows what React is and how to build web applications with it. The duration is 4 hours.

8. Vue: Getting Started by Pluralsight

pluralsight web developemt

This course within 4 hours covers different aspects of one of the leading JS frameworks, Vue.

The provider offers many courses on Web Development, so check out this Pluralsight review to find yours.

9. Computer Science for Web Programming on EdX

edx web development

This course by Harvard includes Javascript, Python, C, and SQL, basics and lasts 6 months with 6 – 14 hours per week of self-path studying. The price is $215.

10.HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers on Coursera

coursera web development course

The course by the John Hopkins University introduces you to such key subjects as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript; also, you will have an assignment to create a website for a restaurant. Overall, it takes approximately 28 hours to complete the course.

So, that was a brief list of the top Web Development online courses. We hope this was useful and you have found one that matches your needs. However, remember that the main is to stay on track and keep yourself motivated while completing the course. And we believe that paid courses often motivate you better – because you feel a kind of obligation as you pay for it.


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