6 Best DataCamp Alternatives for Data Science

Let’s understand what the main alternatives to DataCamp are and which one is best for your learning or career needs.

DataCamp is a popular e-learning platform that focuses on data-related skills. It has numerous courses on Python, R, and SQL with many topics covered (e.g Machine Learning, Data Visualization with Matplotlib, Data Manipulation with pandas, etc). Its courses are well-designed and affordable–that’s one of the reseasons for positive reviews by its customers. 

Still, you might want to find good alternatives to DataCamp for some reason. So, this article is our perspective on what e-learning provider you can choose instead of DataCamp.

6 of the main Datacamp alternatives

  • Coursera
  • Udacity
  • Codecademy
  • Dataquest
  • 365 Data Science
  • Pluralsight

Now, let’s get to know all alternatives to DataCamp on our list to figure out which one of best for your needs.

Datacamp alternatives at a glance

PlatformPriceNumber of CoursesMain SubjectsProgramming LanguagesFree Content
CourseraTypically ranges between $39 and $997000+ coursesVarious, including tech, business, and personal developmentPython, Java, Javascript, C++, C#, Swift, R, SQL, Kotlin, and more2900+ courses
Udacity$399/month80+ Nanodegree programs; 350 coursesData Science, AI, Programming, Autonomous Systems, Cloud Computing, Business, CybersecurityPython, Java, Javascript, C++ and more250+ courses​​​
Codecademy$14.99-$39.99/month400+ coursesSoftware Development, AiAlmost allSoftware Development, Ai
Dataquest$33-$49/month110+ coursesData Science, Data AnalyticsPython, R, SQLLimited access
365 Data Science$29-$36/month60+ coursesData Science, Data AnalyticsPython, R, SQL, JavaScript, CLimited access
PluralsightSoftware Development, Ai7000+ coursesSoftware Development, AiAlmost allLimited course selection
Leader in the e-learning market

While Coursera is not among direct DataCamp competitors, this company takes first place in our list. It is a well-known leader in the e-learning industry and its courses are created by well-known educational institutions and companies like Stanford or Google. Coursera has a huge list of courses–over 7000 on various subjects (from psychology to programming), meanwhile, DataCamp has a limited number of subjects covered.

Coursera is an alternative to Datacamp when it comes to data science. It has a couple of top-rated programs like IBM Data Science Professional Certificate or Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate that can compete with Datacamp’s career or skill tracks. 

Coursera and Datacamp both have free content but with differences: Coursera offers full courses for free while Datacamp’s first chapters are available at no cost. Meanwhile, Coursera has different learning formats and its pricing model depends on the type of program you choose. Coursera’s regular price is $39/mo but there are other programs with the pricing going up to $9,000 (for online degrees). Coursera also offers the Coursera Plus subscription, so you can have unlimited access to 90% of its courses for $59/month or $399/year (read more here). 

So, Coursera is first on our list when it comes to DataCamp alternatives. Both companies are a good choice, depending on the course you need.

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Great for tech courses

The second company on our list of Datacamp alternatives is Udacity, an e-learning brand with a focus on tech skills. While Udacity’s main programs are dedicated to software development, it has also programs covering marketing or business-related topics. Udacity offers programs for learning Data Science, Data Analysis, Machine learning, and similar subjects. Moreover, Udacity is a more intense and long-term option.

DataCamp has a less diverse list of subjects with a narrow focus on data-related ones. Udacity has more topics covered in its programs; however, it’s also much more expensive than Datacamp. For instance, the Data Analyst program costs $1436 for 4 months. However, Udacity also has more perks like technical mentorship and career coaching as well as some others. 

This, Udacity is better if you need to find a job in the tech field, while DataCamp is better if you just need to improve some skills at a more affordable price.

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Good for learning programming languages

Codecademy has a wider focus when it comes to the list of courses available. The company offers content on the most popular programming languages (Python, JavaScript, Java, etc), whereas Datacamp offers courses mainly on R and Python. Also, Datacamp has a focused approach to teaching data-related skills only, and Codecademy doesn’t have such a focus. 

Both providers have single shorter courses and longer programs (career paths or tracks). Both have a user-friendly interface for writing code. 

As for the price, both companies have a free basic subscription and paid plans with more advanced options. The price of DataCamp is $12/mo, whereas Codecademy is $16/mo for a similar offer. 

Codecademy is one of the main DataCamp competitors. Both companies have a similar list of subjects, provide a positive e-learning experience, and are very close in terms of pricing. However, Datacamp lets you dive deeper when it comes to data science or data analysis, so it’s a better option to learn these subjects. Meanwhile, Codecademy is better for learning programming languages other than Python, R, or SQL. 

Get more details on what is a better option for you, Codecademy or Datacamp or read Codecadem review.

The main Datacamp’s competitor

Dataquest is probably the main Datacamp alternative as this e-learning company offers very similar solutions. 

To start with, both providers have courses on three cornerstone subjects for working with data: Python, R, and SQL. The companies have similar learning formats like single courses, career tracks (paths), and skill tracks (paths). However, DataCamp has more courses on its list–over 360 compared to about 70 by Dataquest. Both companies offer coding challenges and project-based training. 

The companies have also quite a similar in-built interface for the coding practice; however, Dataquest has more bugs with it. 

Dataquest and DataCamp have free and paid plans. Paid plans by DataCamp are cheaper offering a monthly subscription for $12 compared to $49/mo by Dataquest. Additionally Dataquest, unlike DataCamp, has a lifetime subscription.

The two companies have plans for businesses for corporate learning.

Dataquest is a direct alternative to Datacamp and has a very similar offer for learning data subjects. However, DataCamp is a cheaper option with more courses on its list and an interface that works more smoothly. So, the choice of Datacamp or Dataquest is completely up to you.

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Good for learning Data Science

Both companies are focused on learning data science and generally data-related topics. Both Datacamp and 365 Data Science cover such programming languages as Python and R and other topics like Statistics, SQL, Excel, Tableau, BI. The two companies offer self-paced experience. 

However, DataCamp has a wider list of different courses than 365 Data Science (over 360 vs under 50 courses) and more formats of learning (courses, career or skill tracks, and projects).

Courses by both companies are available for free (but with content limits) and their monthly pricing is also at the same level. The monthly subscription of both providers is $12/mo when paid annually. However, DataCamp has no option to pay on a monthly bases (year only), whereas with 365 Data Science you can choose to pay per month or per year (and save in this case).

Moreover, DataCamp as well as 365 Data Science gives you a certificate upon completion. However, 365 Data Science made it harder to achieve a certificate–for this, you need to pass a series of exams after you finish your course.

Both companies offer well-worth content at the same price. Meanwhile, DataCamp has a wider list of different courses, whereas 365 Data Science has a better exam system and certification approach. 

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Also good for learning programming languages

Pluralsight is one more tech e-learning company that offers courses on a number of programming languages, including Java, Javascript, C, and many more. Like Datacamp, it also has courses on Python and R, and more specific programs such as Machine Learning. 

Pluralsight has a better-developed skills assessment feature and other learning options. However, its courses are not renewed and added so often as it is by DataCamp. Also, the quality of courses varies while DataCamp’s courses are made approximately at the same level.

While both companies have free but limited content, Pluralsight’s paid plan is more expensive, starting at $29/mo. 

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So, this was our list of the main alternatives to DataCamp. DataCamp is a good option to learn data analysis or data science as well as Python, R, and SQL. Meanwhile, there are worthy DataCamp competitors like Dataquest, Codecademy, and Udacity. 

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