8 Skillshare alternatives and why you should check them out

In the digital age, online learning has become a popular choice for students-to-be. One of the most prominent learning platforms, famous for its hundreds of courses and user-friendly interface, is Skillshare. Lots of people find everything they need on it. So why should you ever consider some alternatives? Let’s see!

8 main Skillshare alternatives in a nutshell

For those who need it quick and short, here is the outline of the main Skillshare competitors with their unique features.

  • MasterClass – the platform that offers you wisdom from world-renowned professionals. If you ever dreamt about learning writing from Margaret Atwood or science with Neil deGrasse Tyson, this is the best place to do it.
  • Coursera – the best platform for university-grade education. Coursera’s certificates are renowned in many companies and countries. You may even get a full degree there!
  • edX – a wonderful mix of the two above. edX also features university-backed certified programs, but you may also find a course from a science celebrity and even a Nobel prize winner.
  • Udemy – this platform has more than 170 000 courses and great seasonal deals and bundles, so if you opt for paid courses but want to get them cheaper than on Skillshare, Udemy is the way to go.
  • LinkedIn Learning – the fastest way to get noticed by employers right after finishing the courses. LinkedIn is one of the best social media for job search, so if you want to find your dream job ASAP, it is the best choice.
  • CreativeLive – is exactly what is said on the tin. If you value immediate feedback and live conversations with teachers, this is probably, the greatest variant for you.
  • FutureLearn – a great way to learn something narrow and specific. Unlike Skillshare’s broader courses, ts ExpertTrack courses deeply cover separate aspects of the discipline.
  • Codecademy – if you are determined to learn a programming-related discipline, it’s better to start with Codeacademy, a platform featuring one of the best code courses.


Star cast of instructors

MasterClass is a unique online learning platform that offers high-quality, video-based courses taught by world-renowned experts and celebrities. The platform focuses on creative and lifestyle topics, or popular science, providing learners with insights and practical knowledge from industry leaders in fields such as cooking, filmmaking, writing, music, sports, and more. Each course typically consists of pre-recorded video lessons that allow learners to delve into the minds of their favorite industry icons. Read our Masterclass review to find out more.

Why it’s a good Skillshare alternative?

MasterClass and Skillshare cater to different types of learners. MasterClass’s main draw is its star cast of instructors and the exclusive insights they offer. Skillshare, on the other hand, shines in its affordability, extensive course library, and emphasis on project-based learning.


  • Celebrity instructors
  • High-quality video production
  • Exclusive insights from industry leaders
  • Inspirational and engaging
  • You learn at your own pace


  • Limited courses diversity
  • Quite expensive in comparison
  • No interactivity
  • Broader but less practical and methodical

MasterClass offers an annual membership only. For $120, users get full access to the whole course library.



Best for academic learning

Coursera is an online learning platform that partners with top universities and organizations to offer a wide range of courses, specializations, and degrees. The platform covers diverse subjects, including technical fields, humanities, business, arts, and more. Coursera provides learners with a structured and academic-style learning experience, offering video lectures, quizzes, assignments, and forums for interaction with instructors and peers. Here is our review of Coursera for more information.

Why it’s a good Skillshare alternative?

Coursera’s emphasis on academic learning, accredited courses, and structured study experiences make it a suitable alternative for learners seeking formal education, professional certifications, and specialized knowledge. It may be seen as an alternative way to get an official university or college diploma, while Skillshare provides more practical skills without a certificate.


  • Academic credibility
  • Diversity of courses
  • Structured learning
  • Verified certificates


  • Higher cost
  • Limited feedback from the teachers
  • A strict academic structure may be restraining creative people

Coursera prices range from free to several thousand dollars per full degree. Usually, Guided projects (with extensive feedback) start from %10. The Coursera Plus subscription is $399 yearly.



Another good alternative for academic learning

edX was founded in 2012 in collaboration with two of the most reputable universities: Harvard and MIT. Later, almost 200 other universities and colleges joined the platform and now provide several thousands of courses in different areas. edX provides more feedback than Coursera with the same rigorous and structured learning routine. Also, as MasterClass, edX boasts celebrity teachers; there are even several Nobel prize winners among them.

Why it’s a good Skillshare alternative?

As Coursera edX focuses more on academic, classical education, while Skillshare provides practical courses and case studies. EdX may be a great way to become familiar with the university you are going to enroll in; or even a road to an official diploma.


  • Academic partnerships
  • Credible certificates
  • Extremely competent teachers
  • Decent level of feedback
  • Structured learning


  • Less intuitive interface
  • Higher cost for certification
  • Some courses have strict start dates and aren’t available after them

While you may complete many courses for free without a certificate, the certification itself costs $30 and more, depending on the course. Full university degree programs are also available but much more expensive.



Affordability and extensive course library

Udemy’s strength is in its diverse selection of courses on a wide range of topics. The platform is known for its extensive library of courses, covering everything from technical skills like programming and web development to creative subjects, business strategies, personal development, and more. Courses on Udemy are usually video-based and offer lifetime access, allowing learners to study at their own pace and revisit the material whenever they want.

Why it’s a good Skillshare alternative?

Udemy’s strengths lie in its affordability, extensive course library, and broad coverage of technical and creative subjects. You may always find a free alternative to a paid course or wait for a huge discount to get it without overspending.


  • Lifetime access
  • Bundles and discounts
  • Overall affordability
  • Extensive course library
  • Developed user rating system


  • Quality may vary
  • No academic accreditation
  • Different learning structures and techniques in different courses

An average single course may cost around $12, and an unlimited Personal Plan will be $27 per month, but you’ll retain lifetime access to all courses you’ve bought.


LinkedIn Learning

Known for its career-oriented courses

LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as Lynda.com, is a professional development and online learning platform connected with the LinkedIn networking platform. The main advantage of LinkedIn Learning is that many companies provide courses for potential employees there. You may easily integrate your certificates into your LinkedIn CV and use them for job search immediately.

Why it’s a good Skillshare alternative?

LinkedIn Learning’s focus on professional and career-oriented courses, integration with LinkedIn, and industry-specific content make it a valuable alternative for individuals seeking to enhance their professional skills and advance their careers.


  • Industry-focused courses
  • Offers from potential employers
  • Easy LinkedIn integration
  • Project-based learning
  • Practical skills


  • Limited course diversity
  • No free access with the subscription dependency
  • Many courses are tailor-made for particular companies

After a free trial month, a monthly LinkedIn learning fee is $40. The annual subscription may save you up to 50%



Focuses on creative skills

CreativeLive is an online learning platform that focuses on creative skills and professional development. It distinguishes itself by providing a live learning experience, allowing learners to interact with instructors in real time and participate in Q&A sessions. The platform also offers on-demand access to course recordings, providing flexibility for those unable to attend live sessions.

Why it’s a good Skillshare alternative?

CreativeLive’s emphasis on live interaction, project-based learning, and artistic skills makes it an attractive alternative for individuals seeking to develop creative expertise and engage with industry professionals in real-time. Skillshare offers a broader range of courses but much less interactivity, feedback, and teachers’ attention.


  • Live interactions
  • Rich feedback
  • On-demand recording access
  • Project-based learning


  • No certifications
  • Limited course diversity
  • No free access
  • Not suitable for formal education

The monthly price ranges from $12.42 to $39, depending on the plan. You may also purchase separate courses.



Academic approach to study

FutureLearn is a well-established online learning platform that partners with top universities and institutions to provide a wide range of courses and programs. The platform focuses on academic and professional development. FutureLearn’s courses are structured with a clear timeline; learners engage in video lectures, quizzes, discussions, and assignments. FurureLearn ExpertTrack features allow students to learn different narrow aspects of the subject deeper.

Why it’s a good Skillshare alternative?

Like lots of the platforms above FutureLearn provides an academic approach to study. Its unique feature is ExpertTrack courses that may let you master a single aspect of the discipline you need to know better, or you just have to understand for your current project.


  • Academic partnership
  • Structured learning
  • Students collaborations
  • ExpertTrack feature
  • Verified certificates


  • Less space for creativity
  • No free access
  • Subscription dependency

The monthly subscription is $40; the first two months are $28 (a new member discount).



Good for learning programming

Codecademy is geared towards beginners and aspiring programmers, offering interactive coding exercises and projects. The platform provides a hands-on learning experience with real-time feedback, allowing learners to practice coding in a user-friendly environment. Find out more in this Codecademy review.

Why it’s a good Skillshare alternative?

Codecademy is the best choice for programmers or for professionals seeking to learn new coding skills. All the platform’s architecture is created for coding; this narrow focus allowed the team to tune it specifically for the tech experts’ needs. While Skillshare provides a broader experience, if you are interested solely in programming, CodeAcademy looks like a better choice.


  • Specialized coding instructionsInteractive learning
  • Immediate feedback
  • Structured study programs
  • Community support
  • Basic plan is free
  • Different plans for students and organizations


  • Focuses mostly on coding
  • Not suitable for creative learning style

The basic CodeAcademy plan is always free. The pro plans range from $14 to $24. A separate offer for students is $150 per year, and team plans for multiple users are $400 yearly and more.

Why look for Skillshare alternatives

Why you may want to search for Skillshare alternatives at all? It’s a decent platform that helped many people to master their skills. But, just as any product, it has its drawbacks filled by Skillshare alternatives. Let’s name them.

Skillshare pros

  • The abundance of сourses. Skillshare boasts an impressive library of courses covering numerous topics, from graphic design and photography to coding and entrepreneurship. With thousands of classes users can easily find courses that align with their interests and aspirations.
  • Affordability. One of Skillshare’s standout features is its cost-effectiveness. For a modest subscription fee, learners gain unlimited access to the entire course library, eliminating the need to pay for individual courses separately. This model proves beneficial for learners looking to explore various subjects without breaking the bank.
  • Project-Based Learning. Skillshare emphasizes practical, project-based learning. Instructors often assign projects to reinforce the concepts taught in the courses, allowing students to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios.
  • User-Friendly Interface. The platform’s interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible to learners of all ages and technical abilities. Users can track their progress, bookmark favorite courses, and interact with instructors and fellow students seamlessly.

Skillshare cons

  • Quality Varies. While many courses on Skillshare are of high quality, there can be discrepancies between instructors. Some courses may lack depth or fail to meet the promised learning outcomes. It is essential for learners to read reviews and sample lessons before enrolling in a course.
  • Limited Accreditation. Skillshare primarily focuses on practical skills and creative disciplines. As a result, it may not be the best option for learners seeking accredited certifications or formal degrees, especially in technical or academic fields. Skillshare does not provide traditional grading or official certifications upon course completion.
  • Subscription Dependency. Skillshare’s subscription model might not suit occasional learners who prefer a one-time payment for individual courses. For those who only require short-term access or have limited time for learning, a monthly subscription might be less cost-effective.

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