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Coursera Review

User choice coursera review

If someone talks about online learning, this company is one of the first that pop into the mind. It is among the leaders in this industry and thus, our task is to review it within this article. ...

FutureLearn Review

User choice futurelearn review 2021

Learning online has moved from being an alternative way and has become one of the most widely used. It saves time, money, and is accessible for people all around the world. This is our future that ...

Best Excel Courses Online

Best Excel Courses Online

Excel and Google Spreadsheet is a basic skill today as it is needed for many jobs, from a sales manager to a data analyst. This tool is simple and very powerful at the same time as you can solve a ...

Best Online Python Courses

Best Online Python Courses

Python is one of the most popular programming languages across various domains. It is the most actively used for data science and data analysis and also for building web applications, in the ...

TeamTreeHouse Review

Teamtreehouse Review

What is Treehouse TreeHouse is an online platform for learning coding, design, and business-related topics. It offers more than 300 courses, 278 workshops and unites more than 80,000 students. ...

DataCamp Review

User choice datacamp review 2021

Working with data is moving today from some trendy thing towards the necessity for specialists from different domains. There are many ways to gain the skills of effectively working with big data ...

Pluralsight Review

User choice Pluralsight Review

Are you thinking about getting into software development, a field that today is really promising? If this is what is popping into your mind, we have prepared a detailed review of Pluralsight to help ...

Lingoda Review

lingoda review 2020

Looking for ways to improve your knowledge of a foreign language? Let’s consider Lingoda as a platform for this. To make a decision whether this tool is the right one for you, keep reading the ...

Udacity Review

User choice Udacity review 2021

Visit Udacity What is Udacity? Udacity is a MOOC (massive open online courses) platform for learning tech skills. This Silicon Valley-based company offers various courses with a focus on ...

Mindvalley Review

mindvalley review

When we want to improve our life, steps to consider can be finding a new job or moving to another city or country. However, we need to start from our mind and nurture it by unlocking and growing our ...

365 Data Science Review

365 data science review

Data is everywhere and today knowing how to deal with it is a skill many employers are willing to properly pay for. So, why not to learn those skills online, especially with so many courses ...

LinkedIn Learning Review

linkedin learning review 2020

Today, almost everyone who can be titled as a white-collar or a student has an account on Linkedin. It can fully replace your CV and serves as a tool to build a professional network. Why are we ...

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