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A self-starter is an ambitious person who goes straight after the desired result. If you're such a person, you are highly motivated, hard-working, confident, and resilient.
A true self-starter likes challenges and being out of the comfort zone, set the bar high and focus on the quality result. If you're here, this description must be about you! So, let's build a great online community of ambitious people. This website will just help you reach your life and career goals.

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E-learning Platforms Reviews

Udacity Pricing

Udacity Pricing

Udacity is a popular platform when it comes to learning technical subjects like software engineering, artificial intelligence, or data science online. The company is known for its learning ...

Coursera Plus Review

coursera plus review 2022

Coursera is one of the leaders in the e-learning market. It’s been operating since 2012 and currently has over 90 million students and over 1700 employees. Coursera offers courses from leading ...

Udacity Review

Udacity Review

Udacity Looking for a tech course to make a career switch? Here we will review Udacity and its programs or nanodegrees, which are worth your attention if you are ready for learning online. ...

Coursera vs Udacity

coursera vs Udacity

Choosing an e-learning company can be a harder and more responsible task that choosing a course itself. And when looking for such a provider you probably encounter these two companies. So, let's ...

Best 6 DataCamp Alternatives

DataCamp Alternatives

DataCamp is a popular e-learning platform that focuses on data-related skills. It has numerous courses on Python, R, and SQL with many topics covered (e.g Machine Learning, Data Visualization with ...

Datacamp Python Review

DataCamp Python

Datacamp is an online course provider that specializes in data-related skills. It offers online courses on Python, R, and SQL. This Datacamp Python review will focus specifically on this programming ...

Financial literacy and Cards for Kids

Current vs Greenlight

current vs Greenlight

Modern world changes faster than we can imagine. Every days new financial challenges, possibilities, and, unfortunately, frauds emerge in our daily life. Even the experienced adults can’t sometimes ...

Famzoo vs Greenlight

famzoo vs Greenlight

Financial freedom, safety, and responsibility are some of the useful skills for kids to learn from an early age. There are many offerings for kids developed by banks to teach these skills. Today we ...

BusyKid Review

busykid review 2022

Wise parents know that financial literacy is what their children should learn from early childhood as it’s an essential skill. Today, there’s no trouble to find solutions for that task. In this ...

BusyKid vs Greenlight

BusyKid vs Greenlight

Let's see the summary of our BusyKid vs Greenlight comparison right away. Greenlight has more features and customizable options but it’s also more pricey than BusyKid. BusyKid is a better solution ...

GoHenry vs Greenlight

GoHenry vs Greenlight

Let’s see the summary of our GoHenry vs Greenlight comparison right away. GoHenry and Greenlight have similar core features so you can consider both as good providers of prepaid debit cards for ...

GoHenry Review

gohenry review 2022

What is GoHenry? GoHenry is a banking company offering a debit card (Visa) and financial learning app for kids 6-18 years. The company offers tools for parents to make their kids smart with ...

Best Debit Cards for Kids

debit cards for kids

Today, the banking system seems not to cover the needs of young people. Individuals under 18 have very limited opportunities when it comes to cashless operations. However, many companies started to ...

Step Card Review

step card review

Personal finance literacy is something you should learn from a young age. Today, parents are offered a lot of solutions to teach their children how to spend money wisely and how to save effectively. ...