6 Best Pluralsight Alternatives

Let’s understand what the main alternatives to Pluralsight are and which one is best for your learning or career needs.

Pluralsight is an online learning company known for its huge number of courses on programming languages. This is the main reason why people opt for Pluralsight–they want to learn Python, Javascript, or similar subjects from scratch. However, there are a lot of users who’d like to investigate what good Pluralsight alternatives there are–for a number of reasons.

In this article, we will explore the six best alternatives to Pluralsight that could match your learning goals better.



Codecademy is one of the main alternatives to Pluralsight because of its huge variety of programming language courses. Codecademy has the most popular programming languages on its course list, including JavaScript, Python, Java, C++, SQL, and many more. While 

Pluralsight offers a wider variety of tech subjects, Codecademy’s courses are usually of better quality with a more effective structure. Codecademy features three types of courses: short ones and two types of longer ones–skill path or career path. 

Codecademy is known for its generous selection of free courses on all programming languages featured on the platform. You can usually access almost all beginner-level courses at no cost but you’ll need to pay for content of intermediate and advanced levels. However, even with free courses, you will get a certificate upon completion that you can add to your resume or Linkedin profile.

If you want to go further in your learning, you can go with Codecademy Pro that provides access to all courses and includes additional benefits like 1-on-1 coaching sessions with an expert instructor or help with finding a new job. The price ranges between $17 and $29/mo, meaning  Pluralsight is more expensive with two pricing plans, $29 or $45 a month.



Udacity is another alternative to Pluralsight which specializes in programming and other tech subjects. Udacity’s main focus is software development but it has also programs on a number of business-related topics. Udacity is known for nanonodegrees, three to six months in-depth programs that are alternatives to a traditional degree. These courses will help you prepare for getting a new job or just for upskilling. Udacity is often chosen for its in-depth programs on Software Development, Data Science, Data Analysis, Machine learning, and similar subjects.

Meanwhile, Udacity is more expensive than Pluralsight with its price of $399 per month–so an average program will cost you over $1000. For instance, the program, AI Programming with Python costs $107 and the longer course Full Stack Web Developer is $1436.

For this price, Udacity offers additional services like technical 1×1 mentorship and personalized feedback on your assignments or career coaching to help you land a job after finishing. The quality of Udacity courses or nanonodegrees are higher with better structure and meticulous approach. 



Coursera is one of the most popular e-learning platforms, while also being one of the first companies on the market. The company deserves its spot among the leaders with high-rated courses created by leading institutions and companies like Stanford or IBM. The company offers over 7000 courses on different subjects. And here comes the main difference between Pluralsight and Coursera: the company covers various topics from healthcare to computer science, whereas Pluralsight solely focuses on programming languages and other computer science subjects. 

Coursera has a lot of course formats, from regular short ones to a set of courses like Specializations or even online degrees. The company is also more complicated in terms of pricing approach; however, the majority of courses are available for $49 per month and it also offers a subscription with unlimited course access for $59 /month. Meanwhile, you can find hundreds of free courses with no certificates and assignment reviews.



Another alternative to Pluralsight is EdX, a company that is very similar to Coursera. Edx has over 4000 courses and its subjects vary from art and philosophy to computer science. On Edx, you can find a lot of courses from top institutions like Harvard. Edx features a lot of basic general courses on learning programming, courses on Python, Java, and other popular languages as well as some specific topics like Android Development or even Computer Science for Lawyers.

One of the main benefits of EdX is the fact that the company offers a lot of free courses with no certification. The regular course price ranges from $50 to $300.



One more company among Pluralsight alternatives is Udemy. Udemy is known for its expensive course list–you can find over 20,000 courses in different categories there. The company features two main categories where you can find programming-related courses: Development and IT & Software. Meanwhile, you can find a course on almost any topic on Udemy, from Art to Finance.

Udemy is a widely used platform that offers courses built by creators from different backgrounds. This allows the company to offer a huge variety of content on different topics but this also leads to the poor quality of some content. However, there are a lot of great and cheap courses we well.

Among the main benefits of Udemy is its affordability. The company often runs sales and you can purchase a course for about $15-20. Udemy might be better for users who want a better choice of courses and want to pay for a course separately instead of paying on a monthly basis. 



Unlike with Pluralsight, you cannot find a variety of programming languages on DataCamp. However, the company is a good choice if you want to dive into learning Python, R, or SQL and focus on data analysis or data science. DataCamp includes over 400 courses, including more general like learning Python or more specific like Cleaning Data with PySpark or Natural Language Processing in Python

The company offers both single courses and longer programs. It also has its unique features like the Certification, with industry-recognized certification programs, or the Workplace, a coding environment for storing and sharing data

The most popular pricing plan, DataCamp Premium, is $25 or $39 per month with the first chapters available for free.

Why look for Pluralsight alternatives

Pluralsight is quite a good option for online learning but it has its drawbacks like the quality of courses and a lot of outdated content. Meanwhile, the platform has a lot of good programming courses at quite an affordable price.

Here are some key factors to consider when evaluating alternatives to Pluralsight:

  1. Content quality. While Pluralsight features a lot of useful and well-crafted courses a lot of them are now outdated and not of the highest quality.
  2. Course variety. While Pluralsight’s list includes different options to choose from, this choice is not so extensive like what some of its competitors can offer. Moreover, some platforms also provide complete degree programs or certificates that can be more useful for getting into the tech field.
  3. Pricing. Pluralsight is quite affordable but still, you can find better value for this price or even take a course for free.

So, make sure to test out the main Pluralsight competitors like Codecademy or Coursera, companies that online courses on different programming languages and tech topics with a similar pricing model.

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