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Working with data is moving today from some trendy thing towards the necessity for specialists from different domains. There are many ways to gain the skills of effectively working with big data sets but right now we will focus on a huge fish – DataCamp.

“Learn data science today and apply it tomorrow”

What is Datacamp?

This is an online company that has gathered different data-related courses in one place. The provider has various classes on R, Python, Sheets, SQL, statistics, machine learning. Moreover, DataCamp offers coding challenges. 

In a nutshell, the company includes more than 300 courses which are a combination of videos with training. You can use to start a new career as a Data Scientist or step into a higher level within this field.

Datacamp Career Track Review

datacamp career tracks review

Career track is a set of courses in a specific domain so that a person can learn new skills from scratch so to start a career. On, you can switch between three technologies – Python, R, or SQL and choose one of 14 career tracks. Among them are Python or R Programmer, Data Analyst, Statistician, Machine Learning Specialist and some other programs.

Each track includes 15 single classes and takes on average 70 hours to complete it.

Each class consists of a number of exercises. After starting the track, on the left side of the screen, you will see the information on the topic as well as the task you need to do; on the right side, there will be a console for writing the code. Here is how it looks like.

datacamp courses practicing

Datacamp Skill Tracks

datacamp skill tracks review

Furthermore, you can search for a skill track. This is also a set of courses but a shorter one. You can choose one of 50 skill tracks of approximately 15 hours’ duration each. Those programs cover also Python, R, or SQL, however, here additionally are courses on spreadsheets, shell and some theoretical issues.

For the illustration, such tracks as Statistical Fundamentals, SQL Fundamentals, Image Processing, Applied Finance, Importing and Clearing Data, Programming with R or Python are on the list of Datacamp skill tracks.

How Does it Cost?

Datacamp offers two types of pricing packages – for individuals and for teams. Individual customers can choose between three options: 

  1. Free (includes intro parts (up to 7 first levels) of all courses and all coding training)
  2. Standart which costs $25 per month (includes all courses as well as skill or career tracks)
  3. Premium which is $33.25 per month (additionally includes 82 projects to practice skills, content on Tableau, Power BI, and Oracle as well as live sessions).

Basic package for teams costs $25 per user per month and requires at least five users for a subscription.

how much datacamp cost

Datacamp Python Review

  • Datacamp Data Science Python Career Track

This program includes 23 courses and takes about 88 hours to complete it. It covers basic Python topics like data types and functions and then proceeds to more data-focused ones like Data manipulation with Pandas, Data Visualisation with Matplotlib and Seaborn. The track also includes classes on Statistics and Machine Learning. 

This program provides 7 projects for practicing.

You don’t need to have any prior programming experience for enrolling.

Among similar courses on Python, are Data Engineer with Python, Python Programmer, and Machine Learning Scientist with Python.

  • Machine Learning Scientist with Python

This career track runs 93 while consisting of 23 single courses. This program is aimed at teaching how to train models, evaluate their performance and improve or customize it by tuning parameters. This track also covers such topics as NLP, working with images and using Spark and Keras (Python libraries).

Datacamp R review

  • Data Scientist with R

This career track runs 76 hours and consists of 19 courses. It shows how to effectively work with data – structure, import, clean, or visualize it. It also touched statistical and machine learning techniques as well as the most popular R packages.

Among other R career tracks are R Programmer, Machine Learning Scientist with R and others.

Datacamp SQL Review

  • SQL Fundamentals

One of the best programs to become acquainted with this technology is SQL Fundamentals, a skill track that includes 5 courses and lasts 21 hours. This track shows what SQL is, how to join and perform other actions with data. Moreover, it teaches how to work with data in PostgreSQL.

Among other skill tracks focused on SQL are two: SQL Server Fundamentals and SQL Server Toolbox.

Other popular courses to consider

Here are also some good examples of single courses. Each one lasts for 4 hours and includes the first free chapter.

1.Quantitative Risk Management in Python

This course shows how Modern Portfolio Theory can be applied to the financial crisis of 2008, discusses Value at Risk (VaR) and Conditional Value at Risk (CVaR) as risk measures, present how Monte Carlo simulation can be used for predicting uncertainty, and also reveal how to utilize neural networks for risk management.

During this course, such Python libraries as pandas, scipy, and pypfopt and others will be used.

2.Sentiment Analysis in R

This class is part of text mining and it reveals how to identify emotional intent and divide text (e.g. reviews) by positive and negative language markers. This course also includes a case study where you can analyze Airbnb reviews, are they positive or negative ones.

3. Data Analysis in Excel

This one is useful to learn new Excel functions to work with data. The course covers 35 functions like VLOOKUP and AVERAGEIF(S). It also includes training on the data.

How Good is Datacamp: Datacamp Reviews

After inspecting the feedback from clients, there are two main tendencies. First, clients talk about the high quality of the courses. Second, customers complain about the renewal of the paid subscription and poor customer support.

Also, some customers with already a high level of skills claim that this e-learning provider is not that useful for them. However, beginners say Datacamp classes are good for them to gain the needed knowledge.

 datacamp log in


How to cancel the Datacamp subscription?

To do this, you need to click on your name on your profile photo. Then, choose ‘Subscriptions’ and ‘Stop Automatic Billing’ and confirm the action.

Does Datacamp have discounts?

If you are interested in lower prices, right now, Datacamp doesn’t have any promo actions; however, sometimes the company offers such.


Dataquest vs Datacamp

To start with, both providers offer materials on three basic topics, Python, R, and SQL for working with data. However, Datacamp has a wider list of courses and learning formats. Dataquest provides 24-week data science courses while Datacamp has a course duration that varies. Moreover, Datacamp has a free basic plan while all subscription packages by Dataquest are paid starting from $29 per month. As for similarities, both include coding challenges and project-based training.

Codecademy vs Datacamp

Codecademy has a wider focus when it comes to the list of courses offered. Particularly, there are programs on a bunch of different programming languages for different goals while Datacamp has only R and Python classes for the main purpose – working with data. However, Datacamp lets you dive deeper when it comes to data science or data analysis.

Meanwhile, both online companies offer two types of learning, career paths (in Codecademy or tracks in Datacamp) which consist of more courses and therefore take more time to complete and skill paths (skill tracks) which are a shorter set of classes.

As for the price, both providers have a free basic subscription plan. As for paid ones, Codecademy offers a cheaper package at $16 per month.

Datacamp vs Udacity

Udacity has more topics covered in the courses; however, it’s also much more expensive than Datacamp. For instance, the Data Analyst program costs $1436 for 4 months. However, Udacity also has more perks like technical mentorship and career coaching as well as some others.

Is it worth it?

After reviewing all the aspects, it seems that the Datacamp subscription is worth paying for it. Generally, the provider gives more benefits for beginners than for professionals but it depends on the course. All in all, it’s a narrow-focused online company (which often highlights its proficiency in the domain) that is a good choice in terms of value/money.

Disclosure: Self-Starters team has not received any compensation from Datacamp or anyone else associated with the company. However, this review contains affiliate links, which means that, if you click & purchase from these links then, we will receive a small commission. This commission helps us to maintain this website. But you don’t pay anything extra.

8.5 Total Score
Worth it, especially for beginners

The courses are of good quality and can be really helpful for learning skills from scratch.

  • Good for beginners
  • No special software is required
  • Possibility to easily switch from one course to another (e.g. from SQL to Python)
  • Low price
  • Constant updates of the content
  • Exercises are too easy
  • Issues with subscription
  • Customer support
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