Datacamp vs Dataquest

If you’re here, you are probably considering either Datacamp or Dataquest for learning data science or data analysis. The companies seem to be very close competitors as they provide almost the same e-learning solutions. Let’s see here what is different about their online courses and how to choose between Datacamp and Dataquest.

Brief Comparison

Programming languagesPython, R, SQL, ScalaPython, R, SQL
Pricefree or $12/mofree or $49/mo
Courses362 courses70 courses
Skills51 skill paths14 skill paths
Career12 career tracks5 career paths
Guided projectsyesyes

The companies are direct competitors and offer very similar solutions. Both Dataquest and DataCamp have courses on three cornerstone programming languages (Python, R, and SQL) and the focus of both is teaching skills for working with data. However, Datacamp has a wider list of courses and learning formats (360 compared to 70). 

All courses by Dataquest are designed to be finished in 24 weeks while the duration of Datacamp’s courses varies.

Both DataCamp and Dataquest include coding challenges and project-based training.

When comparing the pricing, the first provider is cheaper at $12/mo compared to $49/mo.

Finally, the two companies have active community and support.

In a nutshell, you can consider both Datacamp and Dataquest for gaining data-related skills. However, Datacamp has more advantages like a wider choice of courses, lower subscription costs, and a better working interface.

Datacamp vs Dataquest Courses

The companies have very similar courses, both subjects and formats. In a nutshell, both companies are centered around data analytics and data science skills and cover three main subjects within their content, Python, R, and SQL.  

Companies also have very similar formats. You can choose to take a single course or a longer program: a skill path (Dataquest) / skill track (Datacamp), or a career path (Dataquest) / career track (Datacamp). Longer programs also include projects to practice new knowledge.

While companies are tons of similarities, they are different in learning styles: Datacamp has video-based learning, while most of Dataquest’s course content is written. However, the practice part is very similar as well as their interface.


Let’s start with the courses. The main course filter on Datacamp is choosing a topic –  Python, R, or SQL. The main filter on Dataquest is a course level – Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced courses. DataCamp has more courses to choose from as it offers more than 350 ones and Dataquest provides access to about 70 courses.

Here are some examples.

DataCamp Courses
  • Python Fundamentals
  • Data Manipulation with pandas
  • Importing & Cleaning Data
  • Web Scraping in Python
  • Data Analysis in Excel
Dataquest Courses
  • Python for Data Science: Fundamentals Part I
  • Python for Data Science: Intermediate
  • Pandas and NumPy Fundamentals
  • Statistics Fundamentals
  • Intermediate Statistics: Averages and Variability
  • Probability: Fundamentals

Skill tracks (Skill paths)

Datacamp offers over 50 career tracks while Dataquest has 12 on their list. They both have programs on Python, R, and SQL (like Python Basic or SQL Fundamentals) but Datacamp includes additional topics like Excel and Spreadsheets or Tableau.

Datacamp Skill tracks (51)
  • SQL Fundamentals
  • Python Basics for Data Analysis
  • R Basics for Data Analysis
  • Data Analysis and Visualization with Python
  • Data Visualization with R
  • APIs and Web Scraping with Python
  • APIs and Web Scraping with R
  • Machine Learning Introduction with Python
  • Machine Learning Intermediate with Python
  • Probability and Statistics with Python
  • Probability and Statistics with R
  • Data Cleaning with Python
Dataquest skill paths (14)
  • R Programming
  • Importing & Cleaning Data 
  • Data Visualization 
  • Data Manipulation 
  • Statistics Fundamentals
  • Python Fundamentals
  • Importing & Cleaning Data 
  • Data Manipulation 
  • Time Series 
  • Applied Finance
  • Finance Fundamentals
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals
  • Text Mining
  • Spatial Data

Career tracks (Career paths)

Dataquest has 4 career paths: Data Analyst (in Python and in R), Data Scientist, and Data Scientist. Meanwhile, Datacamp has 12 career paths including the same as Dataquest and also programs like Machine Learning Scientist, Quantitative Analyst, or Statistician. 

Datacamp Career tracks (12)
  • 4 Dataquest Career paths:
  • Data Analyst with Python
  • Data Scientist with Python
  • Data Analyst with R
  • Data Scientist with R
  • Python Programmer
  • R Programmer
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Machine Learning Scientist
Dataquest Career tracks (5)
  • Data Analyst in Python
  • Data Scientist in Python
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst in R

Additionally, both companies have a format of Guided Projects to practice skills.


As you see, the companies offer very similar program types on very similar topics. However, Datacamp has a wider list of courses and longer programs and also covers topics that Dataquest doesn’t have – Spreadsheets and Tableau.


Datacamp has a free basic plan while all plans by Dataquest are paid, starting from $49 for a month. A standard plan by Datacamp costs $25 per month ($300 for a year) and the same by Dataquest is $49/mo.

There are also differences in the pricing models. Datacamp is billed annually (you cannot pay for one month) while Dataquest has separate plans for a month or a yes. Moreover, Dataquest has a lifetime membership that costs $1,176.

Moreover, Datacamp has plans for business and Dataquest has no such offers.


Comparing the pricing, Datacamp is a cheaper option and has a free plan while Dataquest doesn’t. However, Datacamp can only be billed annually while you can pay for Dataquest on a monthly basis.

Certificates and portfolio

Both companies provide a certificate after completing a course. However, as companies are not accredited as educational institutions, their certificates are not formally recognized. Moreover, there are no exams or solid verification of such certificates to make them really useful for finding a job.

However, as with the majority of online courses, certificates show that you’re self-motivated and are able to finish what you have started. So, you can easily put it on your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Meanwhile, what is more valuable, there are real-world projects that can be added to your portfolio. Both companies offer them. For instance, Data Scientist in Python program on Dataquest includes 26 short projects, whereas DataCamp’s Data Scientist with Python program has 5 projects which are more in-depth ones.

So, such projects are not only a great opportunity to polish your skills in data science or other subject but also an important proof of your skills for your future employer.

Learning style

The course structure of both companies is very similar: you have a theory and then can practice what you learned. What is different is that Dataquest uses text-based content for explaining concepts, while DataCamp has mostly video content. So, you need to choose which format works better for you to learn.

Meanwhile, both companies have a lot of practice in form of quizzes and coding tasks. Their interfaces for writing code are also very similar. However, Datacamp’s learning style includes a lot of gamification elements like collecting points which make learning more interactive and fun.


These companies have an interface where you can run your code without the need to install a separate working environment on your computer. On both platforms, you start working with their coding interface already after the course begins.

Dataquest interface

Datacamp interface

datacamp review

As you can see, both interfaces are located on the right side of the page (and the assignment is on the left. Both have a dark background and two buttons, Run Code and Submit Answer.

However, Datacamp’s coding interface works a bit faster while Dataquest takes more time when you press the button.


Instructors at both companies are people from the industry who have relevant experience and are able to build a course with the help of internal teams. DataCamp doesn’t specify how many years of professional experience an instructor needs to have, whereas Dataquest requires at least 3-5 years of professional experience.

On DataCamp, you can see the instructor on each course’s page; there are over 270 instructors in total which can be viewed here. Meanwhile, Dataquest doesn’t provide any information on their instructors anywhere on its website.


Both companies have a huge community and support, however, DataCamp’s free plan doesn’t include this. If you buy a premium DataCamp subscription, you get access to a Slack community where you can discuss your project or ask questions.

Dataquest also gives access to their community and this is included in each plan.

Both companies have active communities which are really helpful for the learning process.

Dataquest vs DataCamp Pros & Cons


  • More content than Dataquest offers
  • Constant updates of the content
  • Possibility to easily switch from one course to another (e.g. from SQL to Python)
  • More projects than Dataquest has
  • Convenient interface for the practice, no special software is required
  • Good for beginners
  • Free plan available and cheaper premium plan
  • Large and active community
  • May not be good for middle or advanced users
  • Customer support is not always helpful


  • High-quality content
  • Good for beginners
  • Convenient interface for the practice
  • Possibility to easily switch from one course to another
  • Large and active community
  • Less content than Datacamp offers
  • Is more expensive
  • System bugs
  • Might not be good for middle or advanced users

Read this DataCamp review or this review of Dataquest if you want more information on each company.

Which is better, Dataquest or Datacamp?

The platforms are really similar but DataCamp platform works better and its subscription costs less.

What are other alternatives to Dataquest and Datacamp?

If you want to learn data science or data analysis, you can also consider such providers as 365 Data Science, Coursera, or Udacity.

Bottom line: is Datacamp or Dataquest better?

In a nutshell, these companies offer similar solutions. However, there are some aspects of why you might choose DataCamp when deciding between the two. Datacamp subscription is cheaper and the platform works more smoothly (Dataquest has some processing lags sometimes).

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