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Is your goal to become a data analyst or a data scientist? Or do you just need to build programming or analytical skills to get a promotion? Dataquest serves for both goals. However, is it really worth signing up? Let’s find out in this Dataquest review.

What is Dataquest?

Dataquest, as it’s clear from the company’s name, is an online course provider focused on learning Data. Particularly working with such programming languages as R, Python, and SQL as the most common option when it comes to analyzing data.  

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There are better platforms for learning data-related skills with more courses and a lower price.

  • Good content
  • Less theory, more practicing
  • Projects are close to real-life cases
  • System bugs
  • Fewer courses and projects than its main competitor, Datacamp, offers
  • Is more expensive than its main alternative

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DataCamp is our choice over Dataquest.
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It offers more courses and projects at a cheaper cost while working more smoothly.

Dataquest Features

Dataquest’s content is built on practicing. It has different types of content, including such levels as paths, courses, missions, and even smaller chunks of information like ‘screens.’ Also, one of the main features is that Dataquest doesn’t have videos – a student is provided with the written information and exercises to practice that topic.

You read the information on the topic, instructions on the tasks and then, you just jump right in the coding. After the task is submitted, a student gets immediate feedback on their work.

So, when enrolling in the learning path, a student immediately starts by writing the code in the browser and gets points if this is correct. The result is checked automatically right after you print the answer and click the ‘Submit answer’ button. 

Dataquest Pricing

Dataquest pricing

Pricing options are quite simple as there are only two packages. They are a premium monthly plan which costs $49 and a premium annual package available for $24.5 per month. However, you should notice that the regular annual pricing of Dataquest is $50 per month but right now there is a 50% discount. 

Also, you can use this platform at no cost as a free trial; however, the paid version unlocks such options as missions where you get feedback and projects.

Moreover, the paid subscription includes such services as guided projects, community, and the support, and also career coachingю 

Dataquest Paths

To start with, the path in Dataquest is a list of courses needed to be accomplished on a way to a particular career. The company has 4 paths to choose from:

  1. Data Analyst in Python (includes 22 courses and 19 projects)
  2. Data Scientist in Python (36 courses and 27 projects)
  3. Data Engineer (14 courses / 14 projects)
  4. Data Analyst in R (16/16)
Dataquest career path

Data Analyst in Python

This path by Dataquest uncovers how to write code in Python and how to use this programming language to analyze and visualize data. Among the courses which are available in this path are fundamentals of Python itself and its libraries like Pandas & NumPy. Also, it includes techniques for visualizing and cleaning data. Moreover, it has statistics, probability, and SQL as separate courses. 

Data Analyst Dataquest

Data Scientist in Python

The path teaches the fundamentals of Python, SQL, and Git. This one covers such topics as data analysis and visualization, probability and statistics and also data mining, web scraping, APIs and others.

This path is very similar to ‘Data Analyst in Python’; however, this one also has Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Linear Algebra and Linear Regression, Natural Language Processing, and others among the topics revealed.

What is also worth mentioning, Dataquest has a list of Data Science Projects to polish the skills. The provider offers a list of projects for practicing. Among them are ones like Predicting Car Prices, Analyzing Startup Fundraising Deals From Crunchbase, Analyzing NYC High School Data, and many others.

Data Analyst in R

This path is aimed at teaching how to clean, visualize, and generally work with data using R. It includes such courses as Data Structures, Functions, Strings and Dates in R, SQL basics, APIs and Web Scraping, statistics and probability and even basics of Machine Learning. 

Data Engineer

The path covers working with data using Python and SQL. It teaches how to find and utilize efficient algorithms when building a data pipeline. The path also helps to discover such Python libraries as NumPy and Pandas which are commonly used when working with data.

Dataquest Courses

There are about 60 courses centered on working with data. While this company has a focus on long-duration ways of learning like career paths, it also has some short courses to offer. Among them are different classes on R, Python, and SQL for all levels but more of them are for beginners. On Dataquest, you can sign up for courses like Pandas and NumPy Fundamentals, Storytelling Through Data Visualization, Statistics Intermediate: Averages and Variability – just to name a few.

Dataquest Reviews

Most reviews of Dataquest available on the Internet point out similar pros and cons. 

As for the strengths, this provider has a high level of content and exercises are good enough to build coding skills. 

As for the shortcomings, the system often lags, so it may take more time to get the feedback and generally it makes the process slower. Moreover, the complaints tell about the high prices of Dataquest as the disadvantage, when compared with competitors like Datacamp. Finally, Dataquest reviews uncover the fact that career coaching, which is a premium service, is not really worth paying as it’s about getting feedback and advice on the inner forum which is furthermore not really active.

Dataquest Alternatives


To start with, both companies are centered on learning how to work with data by using Python, R, or SQL. However, Datacamp offers a wider range of options, including career tracks like Quantitative Analyst, Machine Learning Scientist, Statistician and also separate courses on Spreadsheet and Shell (which Dataquest doesn’t have). They both have a similar way of learning and even the interface to practice coding has lots in common. Moreover, both companies generally have two types of learning, longer options (paths/tracks) and smaller (courses) and they incorporate real-life projects to build the skills.

As for the content, Datacamp’s exercises may be simpler than Dataquest’s. However, the platform works without lagging (which is often a concern of Dataquest’s users) and the interface is more polished. 

When it comes to the price, Datacamp is cheaper than Dataquest’s subscription.

Read the full review of Datacamp or the detailed Datacamp vs Dataquest comparison.


When comparing those providers, Codecademy has quite a wide list of courses and they are not limited to working with data. While Dataquest includes content on just three programming languages which are best for data analysis, Codecademy has almost all the most popular coding languages, from Javascript to C++. 

As for the commons, both companies have skill paths that consist of separate courses as well as just single courses.

Comparing the pricing policy, Codeacedemy has a free subscription option as well as a paid plan which is much cheaper ($16 per month) than Dataquest’s packages.

Read the full review of Codecademy.


Both companies offer programs which consist of courses to become a specialist in a particular field as well as just single courses. While both companies have programs focused on Data Analysis and Data Science, Udacity has many more options to offer, including different programming languages and business-related subjects like marketing or product management.

As for the price, Udacity has a program-based pricing policy, however, you can also pay monthly. This company is more expensive than Dataquest (average price is $300-400 per month) but you also get more services like technical mentor support and career coaching (which is provided on a higher level than by Dataquest).

Read the full review of Udacity.

Wrap-up: Is Dataquest good?

Based on all the aspects we have reviewed, this platform is a decent option for learning data skills but not as good as its competitors like Datacamp or Codecademy.

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