Codecademy Review

Do you feel like you need to learn programming skills and the best way for you to do it is online? Codecademy may be a good choice in this case. As there are many e-learning companies out there; thus, we need to find out whether Codecademy worth your time. So, let’s read the review to get more information on this provider.

What is Codecademy?

It is a New-York based company focused on providing education services. Particularly, it offers online courses on programming. The company has a bunch of programming languages to choose from. Among them are Java, Python, C++, Javascript, PHP, R, and many others.

Codecademy Brief Overview

FocusLearning programming skills
LanguagesHTML & CSS, JavaScript, Java,
Python, R, SQL, Ruby,
C, C#, C++, R, PHP, Go, Swift, Kotlin
Courses150 courses
> 40 skill paths
9 career paths
or $16 per month ($20)

How Much is Codecademy?

There are two pricing options, a free and a PRO plan which costs $15.99 per month (however, it’s billed annually). There is also an option to pay on a monthly basis; it costs $20/mo.

Also, there is a 7-day free trial for a PRO option which is available after you connect your credit/debit card or PayPal account.

Codecademy PRO Review

The paid option gives access to Career or Skill Paths which are a set of different courses to get in-depth knowledge on the topic and be able to start a career in the corresponding field. Such paths last for about 20 weeks and allow to practice while building real-world projects – for example, by writing a game or testing a business hypothesis.

All in all, the Paths are helpful if a person needs a clear roadmap of what needs to be completed to get to some level of proficiency with coding.

Additionally, the PRO plan gives a certificate of completion.

Below you can see examples of which courses are free (tagged as ‘Course’) and which are paid (tagged as ‘Pro_Exclusive Course’, Skill Path’, or ‘Career Path’).

Codecademy PRO Review

Codecademy Courses

As you have already noticed, this company offers single courses and Paths as a longer option. The average duration of the Path is 7-8 weeks and 6-8 hours for a single course.

Here is a complete list of languages you can learn on Codecademy:

  • HTML & CSS
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • SQL
  • Bash/Shell
  • Ruby
  • C++
  • R
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Go
  • Swift
  • Kotlin

There aren’t equal opportunities for all languages in terms of choice. The biggest options you can select from are available for three languages, Python, JavaScript, and HTML & CSS.

Codecademy Python

You can find many single Python courses (like ‘Learn Python 2’ or ‘Learn Python 3’, ‘Natural Language Processing’, ‘Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup’ and many more) and also a number of Skill Paths (like ‘Analyze data with Python’, ‘Machine Learning’, ‘Build Chatbots with Python’).

However, most options aren’t available for free usage. The only course you can take on is an outdated one on Python 2.

Codecademy Javascript

The company offers 4 Skill Path options and up to 20 single courses. To illustrate, ‘Create a front-end app with React’ and ‘Create a back-end app with JavaScript’ are among the paths and the course list includes such topics as React, Angular, Vue, jQuary, Phaser and others.

As for the free options, here you can find a number of courses at no cost.

Codecademy Java

This provider has a Skill Path (Develop Basic Android Apps with Java) which takes about 10 weeks to complete and also two courses. The basic one on Java can be completed for free and the second one, Learn the Basics of Android, requires signing up for a paid plan.

Codecademy C++

There isn’t much to choose from if you want to learn C++. There is only one free course called ‘Learn C++’, no Skill or Career Paths are offered.

Codecademy R

On the website, you can find a Skill Path (‘Analyze Data with R’) and one free basic course on R.

Codecademy SQL

The company offers one Skill Path (‘ Analyze data with SQL ‘) and four single courses (one is free and three others are paid).


Codecademy offers the Path called ‘Learn how to build websites to get basic Front-end development skills. Also, you can find a number of single courses, both free and paid.

Reviews about the Company

Let’s start with the positive aspects mentioned in the users’ reviews. First, the classes by this company are well-structured and include enough exercises and recourses to grasp the concepts. Forums and peer-reviewing are also of great help for Codecademy users.

Here come the shortcomings. There are many complaints about the content, particularly that some of the instructions are too vague or incomplete which makes it hard to understand the task. Also, there are some bugs in the system.

Codecademy Alternatives

Codecademy vs Datacamp

Those providers have a different orientation. Codecademy is based on learning programming itself while Datacamp is aimed at learning different tools to build data-related skills and get into data science or data analysis. However, their interface, learning process, and even pricing policy are quite similar. 

To compare the cost, they both have free options and paid packages. Codecademy’s price is $16 per month and Datacamp costs $13 per month.

If you are interested in Datacamp, read this full Datacamp review, or check out a detailed comparison of Datacamp vs Codecademy.

Codecademy vs Udacity

Udacity is more focused on starting a new career which is laid in the number of long programs and services like career coaching. However, it’s also a much more expensive option (a monthly price is about $400); meanwhile, there are also some free basic courses.

Moreover, Codecademy offers only software development to learn online, while Udacity also has business-related programs like marketing.

If you are interested in Udacity, read its full Udacity review.

Wrap-up: Should you pay for a PRO version?

Codecademy is a good option to learn by doing and also its basic free courses are a good place to start with a particular programming language. However, the main question is whether Codecademy PRO worth it.

After reviewing everything this provider has to offer, it seems that there’s no good choice of courses to pay for on an annual basis. Also, some incompleteness in its content and systems bugs make it hard to recommend the paid subscription. 

I am a marketer and a coach who loves to share my knowledge with those who are only starting their career path.

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