DataCamp Pricing: How Much Does It Cost in 2023?

DataCamp is a popular company among learners all around the world who want to learn data science or data analysis online at their own pace. The company offers dozens of courses on Python, R, and SQL and other subjects like Tableau, Power BI, and Excel. Finally, its huge competitive advantage is that the courses are affordable while there are also regular discounts. 

You can check out the complete in-depth review of DataCamp in this article. Here, we want to answer the question many are interested in: how much does DataCamp cost?

We will go through the main membership options, what you get for free, whether the premium membership is worth it, and how often you can find discounts on the platform.

DataCamp Pricing overview

DataCamp has a quite simple pricing model, so you won’t feel confused when landing on DataCamp’s pricing page. The company has basically two plans: free and premium subscriptions. Meanwhile, you can always choose to be billed annually or monthly (a feature recently introduced by DataCamp). Also, the company often runs discounts and has a special offer for students. 

Finally, there is a separate option for teams to be used within a company.

DataCamp Premium plan

The premium plan is the subscription that gives you access to all content and features. This includes access to any course, project, or certificate, as well as access to additional services. 

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$25/mo (if billed annually) or $39/mo (if billed monthly)

Here is how much DataCamp Premium costs

The premium subscription by DataCamp costs $25/month if you pay annually or $39/month if you are billed monthly. In the first case, the cost for a year will be $300/year, while in the second case, you will need to pay $468/year, but you will be able to cancel anytime. So, the monthly subscription is more pricey but also more flexible, whereas the annual is cheaper but doesn’t have the option to quit during the year. 

The premium plan includes the following features:

  • Access to all 400 courses with no limits on how many courses you can take
  • Unlimited coding projects and practicing
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Unlimited certificates for each complete course
  • Job services and to access to DataCamp’s own list of jobs
  • Slack community
  • Priority customer support

If you want to upgrade from a free to a premium subscription, you have two main ways to do this. The first one is to click Upgrade in the right upper corner when you’re logged in. Another one is to do this on the pricing page by clicking on the Upgrade To Premium button.

DataCamp Free plan

Let’s start off with probably the most commonly asked question: what can you get for free with DataCamp? All in all, DataCamp’s free subscription is about providing the ability to test the platform rather than giving the content itself. The free DataCamp plan gives access to the first chapters of all courses–and there are over 400 of them.

Here is what DataCamp also offers within its free plan:

  • Skill assessments for understanding your level of knowledge
  • Limited practice exercises and coding projects
  • Access to all cheat sheets and tutorials
  • Mobile learning

DataCamp doesn’t have a free trial; thus the free subscription serves as such.

Additionally, there are six completely free courses. Here is the list of them:

DataCamp Teams

DataCamp also has a subscription for group access. This plan allows group access compared to individual access with the premium plan. The plan works best for employees within a company with one manager. This subscription is designed for 2 and up to 100 people.

The DataCamp Teams subscription costs $25/user/month and can be billed annually only. You can buy the subscription for two user seats minimum so the price will be $600/year. Each additional user will add up $100 to the final price.

This plan includes all the Premium features. And what makes it unique is that it provides an admin dashboard where one person can manage the whole group. There are also team performance reports available.

DataCamp discounts

DataCamp often runs sales so you can easily wait for 50% off. The most common sale is offering the premium subscription for $12 instead of $25, meaning about 50% off. These sales are usually on the holidays but also might be occasionally. 

DataCamp’s discounts for student

The company has a special offer for students. The price for the student subscription is $149 with all the features of the premium plan. This price means $50 off the regular price.

This plan is available for active students only. So during the sign-up, you’ll need to verify your student status by providing your university email and name.

Is paying for DataCamp worth it?

Now, let’s finish with the key question: should you pay for DataCamp? The answer mainly depends on your finances and self-discipline. There are many free and good Youtube tutorials and other sources of content. However, the content on DataCamp is well-structured and includes a lot of projects to practice. Moreover, by paying for a month or a year, you get unlimited courses on various subjects. Thus, DataCamp might be a better way to keep learning and get all the needed learning materials at one place.

How much does a DataCamp subscription cost?

DataCamp offers a monthly subscription for $39/month if billed monthly and an annual subscription for $25/per month.

Are there any discounts available for students?

DataCamp has a special offer for students with a subscription available for $149.

How often does DataCamp have discounts?

The company usually has sales once in one to three months. It always has good sales on holidays like Christmas.

Can I cancel my DataCamp subscription at any time?

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time but you cannot cancel your annual subscription and get a refund.

Does DataCamp offer a free trial?

No, DataCamp doesn’t offer a free trial but it has a free subscription so you can test out the platform and its content.

Are there any additional costs for accessing specific courses or content?

No, all courses and content are included in the Premium subscription price.

Is paying for DataCamp worth it?

It depends on your goals and resource. The company offers high-quality content and a lot of additional features. Meanwhile, you can study for free using Youtube guides.

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