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What is Thinkful

Thinkful is a service that offers online learning opportunities with the focus on programming, working with data and marketing. They name themselves as Coding Bootcamp which means that this still is their main field of interest. The company was founded in 2012 by Dan Friedman and Darrell Silver. 

The main feature that makes them stand out of other tech online courses is that they provide you with a personal mentor who guides each student and helps in building a study plan and choosing the needed resources and tasks. Thus, they don’t have any syllabus or course structures on their website. Each student has a flexible schedule. 

They also highlight that each mentor has about 10 years of professional experience in the chosen field.

Thinkful Courses

The courses are quite tech and data-focused. The list includes the following subjects: Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, UX and UI design, Product Management, and Digital Marketing. 

Thinkful Software Engineering

Here you can choose out of three options, Engineering immersion, flex, and night and weekends depending on the schedule and intensity of the studying process. Engineering immersion course is the most expensive one, and costs $17,600 with the possibility to pay less upfront, $16,000. As for the Software Engineering flexible option, this one costs $10,000 or $9,500 if paid upfront.

The curriculum of Engineering immersion includes building skills as a full stack developer. The first step of the Thinkful course is web development, a frontend (client) side (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery). Also, this course provides you with server-side programming insights (NodeJS and Express). On this course, you’ll also be able to meet and practice React, as one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. As a bonus, you will also dive into some advanced topics like Algorithms and Data Structures. 

The next course starts on Apr 20th but you should apply until March 3rd.

Thinkful Data Science

The course offers two directions, immersion, and flex. The first option requires you to spend a full day learning the subject and lasts 5 months. After enrolling, you’ll get a data science mentor who will guide you.

This course envisages gaining knowledge in the basics of Python and SQL, building models in terms of Machine Learning, and finding your specialization in Data science field.

As for the price, the basic cost of the Data Science immersion program is $20,000 for the course but there is also an option to pay $18,500 upfront. Data Science flexible course costs $8,970 or $7,990 if you pay upfront.

Thinkful Data Analytics

In frames of this course, you are going to learn the following subjects: working with Excel, skills of presenting the data, accessing and navigating relational databases using SQL, visualizing data with Tableau, conducting business research, using Python for analyzing datasets. As the final step, you will build a capstone and conduct two mock culture fit interviews.

This immersion Data Analytics course costs $13,600 but you can enroll it for $12,250 if you pay in advance. The flexible option costs $8,970 or $7,990 upfront.

Thinkful Digital marketing

This course includes such topics as creating marketing campaigns, getting to know more about your target audience, branding, content and social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, analytics and, finally, building a portfolio. 

This course has only one option, a flexible one (3 months with 15-20 hours per week). The digital marketing course costs $5,500 or $4,950 if paid upfront.

How Thinkful Bootcamp works

You apply online, prepare for the interview, choose your plan (immersion or flexible one as well as pricing option) and, finally, pass the tech interview.

As for the studying process, you learn the given material on your own and work with your mentor twice per week for about an hour.

If you miss this session with your mentor for three consecutive weeks, you will be withdrawn.

You enroll but pay only after you earn more than $40,000 per year. 

Thinkful Bootcamp Reviews

There are not so many reviews around the Internet but those, which are available, are mainly positive ones. Students say it can be hard to manage such intense studying but the environment is really helpful and supportive. 

Is Thinkful legit?

Thinkful is not accredited by the U.S. Department of Education but they provide education of a decent level. Their graduates don’t have diplomas but they can be easily accepted in big software development companies.

Is Thinkful worth it?

As the price is really high and it takes that much time and effort (especially an immersion option), it should be completely your choice and your inner answer to the question. Also, be aware that your experience can be dependent on the quality of your mentor. To get inspired, read the stories of Thinkful graduates who say that this is worth it!


Bloc vs Thinkful

Those two are online programs for learning programming and they both offer mentors as an essential part of the studying process. However, Bloc has the option of choosing mentors, while Thinkful doesn’t. 

What is similar is that both bootcamps offer full-time and part-time programs. However, Bloc has only two programs, Web Developer and Designer Tracks, while Thinkful has a more broad list. 

As for the price (Web Development), Bloc is cheaper while requiring $7,500 upfront for an 8-month flexible course. Meanwhile, Thinkful’s similar option costs $9,500 for 6 months.

8 Total Score
Be ready to study a lot!

As the price is really high and it takes that much time and effort but the graduates easily find a job after finishing.

  • Deeper knowledge than after a regular course
  • Well-structured course
  • Having a mentor
  • You need to put in much time and dedication
  • The price is high
  • You can easily drop out because of missing the sessions
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  1. Thinkful is predatory. I withdrew after 11 days and when I get a job I will still owe them even if the job is not related to the original Data Analytics I was enrolled in. I inquired about paying off to get what I owe over with they informed me I owe 22K, yes, $22 thousand for an 11 day enrollment. The New York State Attorney General informed me that Thinkful has not responded to their repeated attempts to communicate. Thinkful wants me to promise I will not discuss this matter on social media to negotiate with me, which I will not do since this is how companies attempt to silence. They are incredibly shady. At least the NY AG stated they will keep the complaint on file in case other consumers begin to come forward.

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