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Are you thinking about getting into software development, a field that today is really promising? If this is what is popping into your mind, we have prepared a detailed review of Pluralsight to help you gain new skills. 

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The brief answer is "Yes"

There is no reason why not try Pluralsight, especially having an opportunity for a 10-day free trial

  • Good for beginners
  • 10-day free trial
  • High-quality videos
  • Support is not responsive
  • Some courses are outdated

What is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is an e-learning platform for building up coding skills in the most popular programming languages. It also provides other technology-related courses that are on-demand today. This America-based company was founded in 2004 and today provides online courses by more than 1,5 K authors.

 Pluralsight Pricing

Basically, there are three pricing packages, Monthly, Annual, and Premium.

The monthly package costs $29.00 per month, Annual costs $299 ($24 per month) and also you can buy Premium for $449 per year ($37 per month).

pluralsight pricing

Also, there is a 10-day free trial for each package. 

You may ask how the Pluralsight premium package differs. This option includes features like practice exams for professional certification, interactive courses with guided feedback and practicing by creating a project based on real-life cases. 

Pluralsight Courses Review

Pluralsight courses review

Generally, Pluralsight offers two types of learning opportunities, paths (set of courses) and single courses (separate pieces on a particular topic). 

As for courses, there are really dozens of them which you can filter by the skill level (beginner / intermediate / advanced). On the course page, you can check out a brief description that includes the year of the last update, the duration as well as more detailed information about the structure and the author.

Is Pluralsight good for beginners?

Yes, the company has wide list of courses for beginners which makes it a good choice for a complete beginner.

Pluralsight Web development Review

Pluralsight web development category provides two paths, HTML5, which takes 34 hours and includes 5 courses, and Building Web Applications with Blazor (10 hours / 5 courses).

As well, there are plenty of web development courses like Web Development with ExpressJS , Web Development with Django and AngularJS or Rebuilding Web Forms Applications in MVC.

All in all, Pluralsight has 512 web development courses for beginners, 730 intermediate and 170 advanced courses.

Here are the top Web development courses. 

For beginners: 

For intermediate level:

For advanced students: 

Pluralsight Java

The platform offers about 300 courses on Java; the biggest number of them are for intermediate students (170 items). For the advanced level, there are not so many choices, only 8 courses. Below are our top courses according to the skills level. 




Pluralsight C++ / C# 

Pluralsight offers nearly 650 courses on C. These are 200 for beginners, 360 for intermediate-level students and 80 advanced courses. Many of the courses offered are new ones (created or updated in 2019-2020) so you can easily find up-to-date information on C++ or C#. 




Pluralsight Python Review

As for Python, there are two main paths, Python (31 hours) and Python for Data Analysts (3 hours). Those paths provide a bunch of courses divided into three levels, Beginner (almost 140 courses), Intermediate (150 items), and Advanced (65 courses).

Among top Python courses are the following.

For beginners: 

Intermediate level:

Advanced topics: 

Advanced Python (3h 53m / 2017)

Pluralsight Certificates

The platform provides you with a PDF certificate if you complete any video course. Projects or interactive courses don’t provide any proof of completion. 

Pluralsight Features

Among the peculiarities described above, there is one more thing worth being mentioned. This is Iris, a special tool for technology skill measurement. Iris is based on a modified Bayes Network algorithm and Item Response Theory that works to predict assessment answers. Simply put, the tool evaluates your knowledge and recommends to you the content that would be most effective for you to grow. Pluralsight offers two ways of using Iris, Skill IQ and Role IQ.

Pluralsight Reviews

Most reviews on the Internet say that Pluralsight provides excellent courses that are of high quality and well-structured. Also, many users highlight that this platform helps them to stay up-to-date with changes in their programming language as the content is being permanently updated.

However, many clients complain about the support service that is hard to reach; there is also an issue with auto-renewal that can be a problem if you forget to cancel it on time. Also, some are disappointed that in order to get access to the newest content, you need to pay for an annual subscription upfront which is quite pricey. There are also a few complaints about outdated content in some courses and technical issues with an Android app.

All in all, Pluralsight is rated 3.1 / 5 on Trustpilot with over 780 reviews by their customers.

On Reddit, the reviews generally are positive as well as on Quora. The main complaint there is also about their customer support.


Pluralsight vs Udemy

There are several differences between those two providers. First, Pluralsight is focused mainly on IT education while Udemy offers almost any topic you can even imagine. Second, Udemy has course-based pricing and Pluralsight works with a monthly or annual subscription model. Third, Pluralsight has an emphasis on the level of skills when choosing a course (like beginner or advanced) while Udemy doesn’t. The fourth difference lies in the fact that Pluralsight provides customers with dedicated testing knowledge tools and Udemy has no special programs for assessment. 

All in all, both provide courses of different quality, all depends on the author. As for the price, Pluralsight is a little bit more expensive. 

Pluralsight vs Treehouse

Those companies have more in common. Firstly, they both are focused on building programming skills. Secondly, they have quite similar types of courses, short ones (single courses) and long ones (“tracks” on Treehouse and “paths” on Pluralsight.) Thirdly, the subscription price lies at the same level.

The key difference here is in Techdegree, a highlighted feature offered by Treehouse and the certificate accordingly.  

Is Pluralsight worth it?

The brief answer is yes, there is no reason why not to try this platform, especially having an opportunity for a 10-day free trial. Also, Pluralsight is good for beginners as there are many courses on this level. Because of having high-quality videos, Pluralsight is worth paying for it.  However, keep in mind that the support is not really responsive but with having high-quality videos, Pluralsight is worth paying for it.


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  1. I used to be really impressed with Pluralsight’s content, both in terms of production value and the breadth and depth of the content. But recently they’ve shifted gears toward their Cloud Labs product, which isn’t available to individual subscribers, even with the premium subscription tier. They’re doing this as they also increase the cost of the individual subscription, so it’s becoming quite expensive.

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