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When we want to improve our life, steps to consider can be finding a new job or moving to another city or country. However, we need to start from our mind and nurture it by unlocking and growing our mental as well as intellectual potential.

The platform that can help with reaching this goal is Mindvalley. It offers programs that are claimed to improve the quality of professional and personal life, health, and other aspects. It sounds interesting but quite tricky at the same time, right?

Thus, let’s review what this company offers.

What is Mindvalley?

This is an online company that delivers short online programs (masterclasses) and longer ones (quests) with a focus on learning skills that will improve the quality of life. 

This way, a person can improve such aspects of their life as personal growth, health and fitness, spirituality, productivity, mindfulness and others. To illustrate, one can find programs about better brain performance, better communication, setting up goals, being a good leader among others. 

Its CEO, Vishen Lakhiani, had been a successful software engineer in Silicon Valley but after the professional burnout, he created Mindvalley with a focus on mental growth. He also launched a course on Mindvalley.com called “Be Extraordinary.”

Mindvalley Programs

Mindvalley quests

All the programs (quests) can be found under the following 8 categories :

How it works

Mindvalley quest

Quests take 20 minutes a day for 3 to 4 weeks. You learn new information via video and calls with coaches and then, have assignments and time to practice on your own. This way, you suppose to build new habits. 

Also, you get connected to Mindvalley’s private network where students support each other during learning. 

To start, choose a program and download their app here.


You choose a masterclass you want to participate in, pick a date, and then, get an email with the link to a chosen online video. Each masterclass takes about 1 hour.

Best Mindvalley’s Quests

Most quests have a focus on spirituality, mind and generally are designed to motivate for improvements and mental growth. As our team at Self-Starers is interested in the programs to help with career improvements, we have picked 3 courses which also would have a practical usage for professional life.

So, below are the top of Mindvalley’s quests worth considering. 

Superbrain Quest Review

This program by Jim Kwik is claimed to improve memory, brain performance and transform the way you think, learn, and live.

It includes such topics as hacks to unlock brain potential, how not to get lost in information overload, how to improve the ability to focus, making effective decisions and enhancing the clarity of mind as well as memorization technique and brain exercises.

Jim Kwik talks much about healthy habits like having enough sleep and physical activity, good food for brains but his bigger focus, of course, is on the exercises to help with brain performance and memory.

After the course, you would learn habits for greater brain health, would be able to remember people’s names, grocery items, and generally any lists, practice to memorize things forwards & backward. 

Overall duration of the quest is 8.5 hours but it’s divided by 20 minutes for 30 days. So, you learn a new thing by watching videos and then, have time to practice and incorporate it into your life.

Its price varies throughout a year but right now it’s $350.

If you prefer a shorter version or see a kind of this quests’ preview, there’s the Brain Performance Masterclass which lasts for 1 hour.

Speak And Inspire Review

This quest by Lisa Nichols іs dedicated to improving the way one speaks. The program includes such topics as using voice efficiently, enhancing confidence, improving communication and negotiation skills, and also engaging the audience effectively.

This quest is designed to make you aware of your voice, teach how to use it, and how to affect other people when you speak.

Daily videos by the instructor take 11 to 25 minutes in length and you also have regular tasks like speaking out loud in front of the mirror or filming live video and posting it in the peer group, etc.

This program will be useful for people who need to make presentations regularly, who do podcasts or filming videos for Youtube or other social media. It’s also good for writers to understand their audience better as well as good for marketing specialists or business owners who work on effective storytelling from a business perspective. 

Meanwhile, it is useful to improve day-to-day communication and self-presenting. 

You can also consider this quest before starting some hard-skills-oriented course like one on Software Development, Marketing, or German/Spanish (or any other language).

Its price is $399; the duration is 6 hours of training.

Mindvalley Lifebook Review

This is a program by Mindvalley which is focused on creating your life book. This course is aimed at helping improve all aspects of life, from realizing the best professional path to becoming a good partner and parent. Each member, as it is claimed, will grow the mindset, improve goal-setting, find the work-life balance, and generally get a better understanding of oneself.

Here are 12 aspects which are touched during this program:

  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Character
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Career
  • Financial
  • Quality of Life
  • Life Vision
  • Love Relationship
  • Parenting
  • Health & Fitness

The duration is 18 hours of practicing for over 6 weeks.

All the information is provided via online videos and pre-recorded calls by the program authors.

Its price is $500. 

However, there is a bonus and another reason why many buy this program: if you finish the quest before a deadline set by the company, you will get all your money back. This is quite a realistic scenario to get a full refund + taxes (if you paid them).

Mindvalley Pricing

Programs by this company aren’t cheap. You can buy a full-year Mindvalley’s access for $599/year or pay separately for each program where a fee varies (the average price is $300).

The company also offers a 15-day free trial.

Is Mindvalley Membership (All Access) worth it?

Mindvalley Membership is an option to have the access to almost all of the company’s content during a year for $600.

Let’s answer the question directly: if you feel like taking on 3 and more quests, this is for you, it should work out well. However, if you bookmark one or two programs and are not planning to participate in more, it would be better to buy them separately.

Also, notice, that you will lose access to all the materials you got in your account if you don’t renew the subscription.

Additionally, this subscription doesn’t include programs like Lifebook Online.

Mindvalley Reviews: What do others say on the Internet?

Most people who tried it out, say that they do not regret about paying for quests. Customers highlight that the quality of content is really good and the quests’ structure indeed helps to nurture new habits.

On the other hand, some customers complain about poor customer service, having technical issues with their app and access to the quests, and also about quite irritating advertising. 

Moreover, some people who tried Mindvalley’s quest say that it wasn’t right for them – so read carefully before choosing the program.

Is Mindvalley worth it in 2021?

Let’s recap this review of Mindvalley. The company offers unique and high-quality content; meanwhile, some of the quests are too general and often will not be applicable for you.

We can conclude that the programs from Work or Performance categories are more practical while quests from Soul or Mind categories might be less useful (if you consider career growth). 

Considering high cost, read the course description carefully, set clear goals and then – Mindvalley should work for you. Also, be ready that quests will be the most beneficial for people who are ready to participate each day.

Disclosure: Our team has not received any compensation from Mindvalley; however, this review contains affiliate links, which means that, if you click & purchase from these links then, we will receive a small commission. This commission helps us to maintain this website but you don’t pay anything extra.

7 Total Score
There are worthy programs

  • Quality of videos
  • Private groups and active networking
  • Quests' format is effective to grow new habits
  • Customer support
  • Technical issues with an app
  • High price
  • Containing much general information
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