MEL Science Kits Review

If you, like our team, think science is great, we are on the same page. There are many courses on Coursera or Udemy, where you can learn some topics like math, physics, or chemistry. But if you want your kid to get interested in STEM from an early age, MEL Science offers a solution. Thus, let’s find out what MEL Science kit is and review what it has to offer.

What is MEL Science?

This is a science kit for kids that works on a monthly subscription basis. They have four different lines for children, including STEM for kids, Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine. These include hands-on projects with a box for experiments delivered to your doorstep once per month, AR lessons, and live science classes with professional teachers. 

“Make your kids fall in love with science”

MEL Science motto

Their products work best for children ranging from ages 5 to 14 but recently they have extended their products and now they also can be used by adults.

So, here are the 4 lines by MEL Science:

  1. STEM kits for kids ages 5–9+
  2. Physics kits for ages 8–14+
  3. Chemistry kits for ages 10–16+
  4. Medicine, the new line, for kids and adults (ages 14–99+).

The company was founded in 2015 and has a headquarter in London, UK. It is operated in 35 countries where its toolkits can be delivered. The company won a number of awards in 2020, including The EdTech Awards 2020 as the best VR/AR solution, The VR Awards 2020 as VR Education and training of the year, and others.

How MEL Science Works

  1. Subscribing

First, you need to choose the course (STEM for kids, Physics, Chemistry), later you can switch to another line at any time. Moreover, you can choose all of them. Then, you need to enter your email to receive the order info and tracking updates. The next step is choosing a subscription plan, and the final one is the checkout process.

  1. Receiving MEL Science kit

After you subscribe, you will receive a new STEM box delivered to your door every month. The service is available in a number of countries. Check the list here

  1. Educational platform and lessons

Meanwhile, MEL Science provides access to their educational platform which includes 70+ VR and live lessons.

MEL Science Subscription Boxes

Each box can be used for up to three experiments and contains the materials, equipment, and instructions. The boxes are organized by age so they are pretty safe. However, it is recommended that an adult watch or help out with experiments.

MEL Science Pricing

When you sign up, you can choose between three pricing options:

  • 1-month payment – $34,90 per month
  • 9-month payment – $31,10 per month
  • 12-month payment – $26,20 per month

To pay less, you can opt for a longer subscription.

MEL Science Price

MEL Science Reviews 

The following reviews are taken from Trustpilot.

Positive reviews

Positive reviews on MEL Science dominate as parents and grandparents think the company offers a great science toolkit which their children enjoyed.

Check out some of them:

“I bought a monthly subscription for a whole year as a birthday present for twin boys . A quality product and great service. The boys loved every month when the package arrived.” – Hilary Abraham

“My grandkids loved the chemistry program. Well worth the money.” – Laurie Wilson

“We subscribed to both the physics and chemistry kits. [..] The experiments are good and demonstrate the concepts well but are short enough that they take minimal time and effort to complete. The experiments aren’t the standard baking soda and vinegar reaction experiments. [..] My kids are 10, 12 and 14.”

“My son is 7, and he was engaged and able to do most of the experiments on his own while I helped with the instructions. There are multiple experiments per kit, and you can try them more than once. [..]  Appreciated the app and especially the Virtual Reality viewer and app.” – Kim Wrenchey

“These science kits are awesome! There are several really fun experiments with good directions and my daughter really felt like she was doing “real” science. I especially recommend the live lessons- my daughter loved them and liked that she could put questions in the chat.”

“During the pandemic we had to homeschool 2 children (10 and 13) – for both of them the science curriculum was weak, my wife and I have both a scientific background and the MEL science kits REALLY helped us to keep the lessons interesting and interactive.”

Negative reviews

Most complaints regard customer service which is not responsive enough and the delivery service which not always work as supposed. Customers say some of them do not receive the second kit that they have paid for it.

Here are some reviews:

“If I could just talk to someone to buy their products. All I get is an answering machine with NO call backs. I don’t think they have a clue what customer service is.” – James Kelly

“No option to return them, even unopened.” – Lee Ault

“It is good for learning prospective but very poor delivery and customer service. was impressive in beginning of subscription but not happy last 3 months.”

“The first kit arrived quickly but it took 2 months to get the second kit -only after contacting the company. Still have not received the third kit. ”

“Is this the only way I am going to be able to get customer service to answer? We received our started kit really fast with the first experiment and have been waiting for the 2nd one for a month now.”

MEL Science Alternatives

MEL Science vs KiwiCo

Both companies offer monthly science kits for kids and teens. MEL Science has 4 lines right now focused on STEM subjects; KiwiCo has 9 lines and offers wider packages with a focus more on crafts and design (while also offering STEM subjects).

KiwiCo products are designed for almost all age groups (it has both kits for toddlers and adults); MEL Science is centered around 5-14 age groups but recently has added a new line, Medicine, suitable for adults as well.

MEL Science also offers VR lessons and live science classes which are not offered by KiwiCo.

Check more in the MEL Science vs KiwiCo comparison table below.

FeatureMEL ScienceKiwiCo
Learning ScienceYesYes
SubjectsSTEM, Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine (new)STEM, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Geography, Art, Cooking, etc
Ages5 to 14 years (can be used by other age groups)9 to 16 years (can be used by other age groups)
Price$34.90/monthFrom $17.50/month
AppYes, for VR and live classesNo

Is MEL Science Worth It?

Yes, the company is value for money with its monthly science kits for kids and teens. It makes learning fun and is able to engage a kid enough to gain new knowledge by hands-on experiments. However, there are concerts with their slow shipping service and unresponsive customer support. The reason here might be that the company is pretty young and grow too fast to fix those issues timely. Still, MEL Science kits seem good to try.


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