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If you have come to this page, perhaps, you are looking for ways to switch to a new tech career or just take your coding skills to the next level. One way to do this is obtaining a degree in Computer Science but this is quite a pricey option. Another way is finishing an online course or a bootcamp.

In this article, we will focus on the second way while analyzing Lambda School.

What is Lambda School?

How does it work?

This is an online coding bootcamp that basically offers two programs, Full Stack Web Development, and Data Science

Their key feature is being based on the Income Share Agreements model. This means their students don’t need to pay any fee upfront, they pay after finding a job after graduation. Particularly, students are required to pay 17% back of their income for 2 years once they make $50 000 annually.

There are two schedule options, 

  1. Full-time which takes 6 months to complete (Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm)
  2. Part-time which takes 12 months to finish (Monday – Thursday 6 pm to 9 pm).

To graduate and get the certificate upon compilation, you need to reach at least 95% attendance.

Lambda School Pricing

The total price the student needs to pay after finding a post-graduation job is $30 000 USD which can be paid back for 2 years.

Lambda School Full Stack Web Development Program

This program consists of two blocks, teaching the front-end (this means you will be able to create websites’ and web applications’ interfaces) and the back-end sides (this means you will be able to create complicated functionality of websites and connect it to databases).

So, during the program, the students can learn Javascript and its framework React as a front-end programming language, and Java with Python as languages for working on the back-end side.

In a nutshell, the program consists of the following topics:

  1. Web Foundations covering HTML, CSS, Git, and basics of JavaScript
  2. Web Application Development (it covers mainly React and Redux)
  3. Advanced Web Development (this unit is designed to reveal advanced React)
  4. Back End Development (it covers basics of Java and Node.js)
  5. Computer Science (Object-oriented programming and Python)
  6. Labs (building a web app in a team)

The final step is a job search which includes the help of a job search trainer by Lambda School. 

Lambda School Data Science Program

This program is designed to build the skill-set needed to become a data scientist, data analyst, data or machine learning engineer, or another specialist who can effectively work with data.

The program covers main data science topics like Statistics, Math, and Programming with Python.

Particularly, its curriculum includes such units as

  1. Statistics Fundamentals and Linear Algebra
  2. Predictive Modeling, Linear Models
  3. Data Engineering (including Databases and particularly SQL)
  4. Machine Learning covering Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks
  5. Computer Science that uncovers algorithms and introduction to Python
  6. Labs (working on a real-business project in a small team)

The final unit is a job search. 

Reviews about Lambda School 

Students who have completed one of the programs by this company generally are satisfied with the content and its quality. Almost all the reviews of Lamda School say that it is hard to finish the program and stay really devoted to learning for such a long period of time. Also, there is a lot of self-learning required. However, after graduation, the student is able to find a job in the corresponding field.

What is also good, is that the school is constantly working on implementing more rigorous standards for graduates to ensure they are prepared to hit the job market.

Among downsides are a high number of students per class so it is hard to get solid and quick feedback on your assignment or issue if occurs. Moreover, some of the instructors are not professional or even rude.

Also, a person should realize that they won’t be able to have a full-time job simultaneously with the studying here. 

After reviewing what Lambda School has to offer, we can conclude that its full-time programs are much stronger than part-time onesand instructors there are more professional there. 

As for the employment afterward, graduates say that completing Lambda School will not guarantee you a job, and a person needs to take their own steps to get employed. Also, it is more realistic to find a job in a start-up rather than a big-name company, especially in large cities where competition is very intense. 

Finally, if compared to traditional academic education, this online school delivers less solid knowledge, especially when it comes to algorithms and other theoretical topics. However, the student gets more practical skills and it costs less than obtaining a higher education.

Lambda School FAQ

Where is Lambda School based?

It is located in Silicon Valley, California. However, all the studying process goes online.

How long does it take until you get a response from Lambda School?

It typically takes 4 to 5 business days.

How do you apply to Lambda School?

To get in, create an account on and complete an application with an entrance test (it takes 15 minutes for the Web Development program and 45 mins for Data Science). Finally, you need to choose the start date and sign the enrollment documents. 

Is Lambda School accredited?

No, the school is not accredited; it has the status of a post-secondary education institution.

How much do Lambda School alumni make?

According to their official website, the median salary of their 2019 graduates is $70,000.

Bottom line: Is Lambda School worth it?

As a recap of this review, Lambda School is worth its price as long as you can stay dedicated and put all your effort into studying. As the students and graduates say, the hardest thing is getting through until the end and not give up. Also, one needs to be ready for lots of self-learning and having no time for a full-time job (it is better not to work at all as it would be quite complicated to combine both activities).

Finally, it is possible to find a job after graduation but the student should rely on themselves and not wait until Lambda school does this for them.

7 Total Score
Worth it if you put all your effort into

It is hard to study and finish this school, there are some downsides but generally, it can work out well for you.

  • Solid curriculum
  • Not paying upfront
  • Constantly improving curriculum and overall processes
  • Some instructors are unprofessional
  • Some processes are not organized well
  • The administration took a long time to respond to complaints
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