Krisp Noise Suppression App Review

According to the statistics, there is an 87% increase in the number of remote workers prior to the pandemic, and this number is going to surge. One of the main issues people face when working remotely is having noise in the background. This reduces the possible number of options where you can work from.

Moreover, with the rise of e-learning opportunities, there is a need to call your peers or mentors without having background noise problems.

Here comes Krisp app, designed to help remote workers and online learners deal with this issue by muting background noise during online calls as well as providing other useful features.

What is Krisp

“Our goal is to help the world communicate more effectively, regardless of where they join a meeting from.”

Krisp app is an Armenian startup that uses AI to weed out any background noise during online calls or recordings. It was found in October 2017 by Artavazd Minasyan and Davit Baghdasaryan. Its headquarter is located in Berkeley, California and the company has a team of 95 employees.

This year, the startup has raised a $9M Series A-1 led by RTP Global (it was $5M in 2020). The management said they are going to use this funds to grow its team to 170, mainly development and marketing teams.

Here is more about the company (2020 awards):

  • Forbes AI 50 most promising AI startup
  • Forbes Cloud 100 Rising Star
  • TIME 100 Best Inventions

Krisp App Features

This software basically has 3 main features:

  1. Background noise canceling (Removing unwanted background noise of any kind from both ends)
  2. Recording online meetings (Instant recording audio from different online meeting apps)
  3. Setting virtual backgrounds [Beta] (Changing background to desired oprions from Krisp)

Here are more of Krisp features:

  • AI-based noise cancellation
  • HD voice, for the best voice quality
  • Room & acoustic echo removal
  • Floating widget – easy access to key features
  • Full support for any headset, microphone and speaker

How Krisp Works

This AI-powered app helps mute background noise (like street noise, crying baby, dog barking, etc), room and acoustic echo, and other distractions on both ends while having an online meeting. The technology is based on Deep Neural Networks (DNN) and is built on datasets of 20,000 distinct noises and 50,000 clean human voices of different gender, age, and ethnicity, which are mixed together (over 2,5 hours of audio) and fed to the neural network. As a result, the app can distinguish a speaker’s voice and a noise in the background so to remove it.

In a nutshell, Krisp adds an additional layer (a filter) between your physical microphone/speaker and conferencing apps. Krisp can be used with Zoom, Google Meet and more than 1000 other online meeting tools.

Additionally, Krisp preserves a good quality of sound (HD Voice). Finally, it works in a low-power mode when your device’s battery is low.

How to Install Krisp

There is a Krisp desktop app for Windows and Mac. To install, click here to get installed on your device in a few seconds.

Meanwhile, Krisp doesn’t have an Android or iOS app.

How to Use Krisp

To use Krisp, you just need to turn it off and it connects to your calling app. You can both use it for muting noise from your environment as well as noises coming from other call participants.

Krisp works with 800+ communication apps. Among them are Google Meets, Zoom, Slack, Discord, and others.

Is Krisp free?

The app is available free of charge. It allows using Krisp for 2 hours a week with its full functioning.

Krisp Pricing

There are three paid plans, one for personal use and two for teams.

“Personal Pro” plan costs $12 per month if billed monthly and $5 per month if billed annually ($60 per year).

“‘Teams” plan costs the same as Personal Pro ($12 per month / $5 per month) and additionally includes the Team management feature (managing employee access with secure single sign-on). This plan allows up to 50 team members.

krisp price

Krisp Reviews

The app has a total score of 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot with the majority of positive reviews. Here are some of them:

“Very helpful tool! It does the job of eliminating background noise on my end. Although, the software sometimes makes it a little difficult to hear the other party; their volume becomes softer and their audio becomes choppy at times (i.e., only hearing a part of a word). Otherwise, it is generally a useful tool, especially for those with neighbors who like to do karaoke during odd hours of the day or dogs barking outside your room.”

“I feel like this is a good application. However, it is not good on slow connections the sound gets choppy.”

“Works with any meeting app on your device, removes common background noises (dogs, keyboards, etc.) in real-time for your microphone and speakers. This app requires some CPU resources, but well worth it!”


Video and audio calls is a core part of the remote work process and having background noises can seem unprofessional. Krisp noise suppression app is a good way to solve this issue and remove any distractive sounds on both ends while speaking with your teammates, manager, or a partner online. It’s a good option for background noise cancelling and I recommend using it.

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