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Perhaps, you have met the Udemy advertising so many times before deciding to check this website out. There are so many classes out there, that you have probably found the needed direction. However, is it worth it or is it just a well-branded company? Let’s find out. 

About Udemy

Udemy is a huge online platform where everyone can gain almost any kind of knowledge online at an affordable price (usually, a common price is around $12). This company was founded in 2010 by Eren Bali, Turkish entrepreneur along with Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyani as co-founders.

Today, Udemy has about 180K online courses being available and 50 million students who have enrolled in at least one course. Also, Udemy offers courses in more than 60 languages which makes this company truly a world-wide business. 

Udemy Pricing

So, to be straight to the point, a common price here usually varies from $49 to $199 per course. However, they regularly offer a great discount which ends at $11.99 for all courses.

So, to be straight to the point, a common price here usually varies from $49 to $199 per course. However, they regularly offer a great discount which ends at $11.99 for all courses. 

Best Udemy Courses

Students landed on Udemy with different educational needs, from building website development skills to get the basics of how to train their pet. When you come to their website, it becomes sometimes really difficult to make a choice and buy one course, instead of buying many (especially when they have the selling time).

In a nutshell, Udemy runs the following courses.

Development, Business, Finance and Accounting, IT and Software, Design, Marketing, Lifestyle, Productivity, Personal and Career Development, Health, Teaching, Photography, Music. All those categories include many subcategories with classes accordingly.  

For instance, Development includes such subcategories as Web Development, Data Science, Mobile Apps, Programming Languages, Game Development, Databases, Software Engineering, Software Testing, Development Tools, E-Commerce. 

To continue illustration of the huge choice, inside ‘Programming Languages’, you can opt for almost any programming language (from Python and Java to Go) and to Algorithms theory. 

As we cannot cover all the directions, let’s choose the most popular ones to review them. So, this Udemy review will be focused on two top categories, Software Development and Marketing. 

Udemy Software Development

This is, perhaps, a leading section on Udemy and the number of courses is impressive. As it’s impossible to embrace everything, we will focus on the most popular programming languages and bestsellers teaching them. 

Best Udemy Python Courses

Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3

This Udemy python course is provided by Jose Portilla who is Head of Data Science, Pierian Data Inc. It takes more than 20 hours of video materials and covers the basics of Python (from Installing to basic data types, functions and more). So, this course would be useful for beginners with no to little experience in Python. 

The overall rating of this course is 4.5/5 with generally positive feedback. The main complaint, however, is that there are not enough exercises and tasks to practice coding. Also, some students say that somewhere in the middle of the course, it can be hard to grasp the concepts as the pace is a bit fast. 

Overall, about more than 800K students have participated in this course. 

Other highly-rated Python courses

Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp (It focuses on Django, Python framework, but also reveals such topics as HTML, CSS, Javascript)

The Python Bible™ | Everything You Need to Program in Python (This is absolutely beginner course with the theory as the dominant)

The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications (This is more a practical one where you would be able to create your translator, web-mapping app or a web scraper)

Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science (This course is dedicated to using Python as a tool in Machine Learning)

Best Udemy Web Development Courses

The Complete Web Developer in 2020: Zero to Mastery

This Udemy web development course is really a huge one covering everything, from client-side (HTML, CSS, JS) to server-side (NodeJS). This one also gives insights into databases, working with Github and into plenty of other topics.

The instructor here is Andrei Neagoie, a Senior Software Developer. He has built a huge community around him; he set up an environment for communication between his students and also he is an active publisher of up-to-date content regarding Software Development.

This course would take a great amount of time and effort to complete (all the videos here lasts for 32 hours) but Andrei is a really motivated teacher who helps students not to lose enthusiasm. The quality of videos is also great but the main concern is that there is not so much practice to build the working skills.

The rating of this course is 4.7/5 with about 360K of students. 

Here we have picked out some more of the top web development courses.

The Web Developer Bootcamp (It covers HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, Node and more)

Modern React with Redux (This course focus on two the most widely used JS libraries)

Angular – The Complete Guide (You can learn here the latest version of JS framework, Angular 9)

Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide (This course for you to master Vue, a JS framework, whose popularity has dramatically risen over the last years)

Best Udemy Java Courses

Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers

This course overviews the main Java topics such as OOP, Arrays, Classes, Generics. Also, it covers Databases, regular expressions, debugging and many other subjects needed to become a Java developer. 

There have been more than 420K students participating. The course has a high rating, 4.6 / 5.

This course includes 400 lectures and lasts for more than 80h so be ready to work hard.  

All in all, the course is good for beginners, for developers with some experience it can be a bit boring. However, one of the cons for beginners, as students have mentioned, that it lacks a deep theoretical part and some technical terminology the instructor uses can be hardly understandable for the beginners. 

Here are some other Java courses worth attention.

Absolute Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in Java (It would be good for understanding the basic theoretical concepts and have a stronger understanding of JAVA)

Spring & Hibernate for Beginners (It focuses on Spring 5, which is one of the most popular Java frameworks, and also covers Spring Boot) 

Selenium WebDriver with Java – Basics to Advanced+Frameworks (It will help to master Selenium knowledge for testing web applications)

Best Udemy Digital Marketing Courses

This branch is one of the top specialties why people come to this platform. It’s hard to figure out the best marketing course on Udemy but it is a good idea to focus on a general one which provides a good roadmap for any future marketer. 

The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1

This one covers the main directions of marketing such as Market Research, Analytics, setting up a website on WordPress from scratch and optimizing it for search engines (SEO), copywriting and email marketing and more topics. Thus, this course would work the best for the beginners who are only thinking on how to start a career in marketing, freelancers willing to provide a full cycle of marketing activities and also for owners of small businesses.

The instructors here are Rob Percival and Daragh Walsh. The rating here is 4.5/5 

The reviews of this course say that it’s deep and useful. Some students, however, say that there are some pieces of outdated information and the course lacks creating a digital marketing strategy topic. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best broad courses on digital marketing on Udemy. 

Here are other marketing courses that are among the best ones.

Modern Marketing with Seth Godin (It provides basics of Marketing, Economics and even Psychology  theory)

Digital Marketing Masterclass:Get Your First 1,000 Customers (The focus here is more on Social Media)

SEO & Social Media Marketing Strategy To Reach 1,000,000 Ppl (It focus is on Social Media and SEO)


How to download Udemy videos?

You can download the course from your smartphone to watch it offline. To do this, you need to have their app. Then, log in and select the course you need. On its page, click on the download icon in the right part of the screen under the title of the course. The same way you can use to download each video lesson separately.

How do I get Udemy coupons?

You can use two ways to get a discount. First, you can get it from special sites with promo codes just by googling them. The second way is to can get it from Udemy’s instructors via their personal social media accounts or newsletters. To enable it, enter the code when buying the course.

How to get a refund on Udemy?

There are two ways to do this. The first one is to contact the support team and the second one by doing this directly via the website. To do this, click on the course; then, press on the three dots in the right upper corner; there, at the bottom of the list you will find ‘Request a refund.’

How to get a Udemy certificate?

After the 100% completion of the course, on the top right part of the page, you will see a button ‘Get certificate.’ Click on it. Then, you will be redirected to the page with the certificate itself. On the right upper corner, you will see the button ‘Download’ so that you can save it on your computer.  How to get a Udemy certificate?

How to add Udemy certificate to Linkedin?

You need to press ‘plus’ on the section Licenses & Certifications on your Linkedin account. There, you enter the name of the course and after starting to enter the provider’s name, choose ‘Udemy’ from the list. How to add Udemy certificate to Linkedin

Why are Udemy courses so cheap?

As the company offers thousands of classes and has millions of clients, the prices are kept at a lower level to be affordable for many people who are potential customers.

How often does Udemy have sales? 

They have discounts basically once per month. 

How much does Udemy for business cost?

The company also has a subscription plan for the business which costs $360 per person per year. To get it, at least 5 users are required.

Udemy Reviews

You can find both negative and positive reviews across the internet. Many users claim that the courses’ quality varies, depending on the instructor who designs the class itself. There are a lot of customers who are satisfied with the quality of learning material especially considering the price. Meanwhile, some clients complain that they face some issues with discounts which weren’t working as well as with refunding.

udemy reviews 2020

All in all, it is rated as 2.8/5 on Trustpilot (with more than 500 reviews).



Skillshare vs Udemy

Both companies have a huge list of topics to offer. However, one of Udemy’s most popular categories is IT and particularly programming, while Skillshare doesn’t have classes on IT topics (except for graphic design). Skillshare is more focused on creative subjects with photography, animation, and design as the most popular courses. 

Furthermore, they have different pricing structures: on Udemy, you pay for the whole course which can run 2 hours and cost the same as a 30-hours course; Skillshare is built on a monthly or annually-based subscription model (about $10 per month). 

Udemy vs Udacity

Those providers have different types of learning opportunities. The majority of courses on Udemy are more introductory ones while Udacity is more focused on helping people start a new career after online education. Moreover, Udacity’s programs are much more expensive than Udemy’s (almost $400 per month compared with about $20 per online class). 

However, Udemy’s courses are more diverse in terms of structure and quality while Udacity has more or less the same level of all content offered. Finally, Udemy has gathered classes from a wide range of topics, from coding to photography. 

Udemy vs Coursera

When comparing those companies, both have many categories to explore. However, Coursera’s content is more academic as instructors usually are professors at recognized universities. Also, Coursera usually has more tests and quizzes between video or written content. 

Unlike Udemy, Coursera has long programs which unite a list of single courses – this is an analog of a university degree. As for the price, Coursera offers many single courses that usually are focused on academic or life topics (like some philosophy concepts or how to learn effectively) for free with paid certificates. Courses that are more commercially focused are paid (the fee varies from $30 to $100).  Moreover, to get a certificate after completing a free course on Coursera, you are required to pay a fee (about $50).

Is Udemy worth it?

If you choose the right course, definitely it is. In this situation, you can get strong fundamentals for a low price. So, the question is in the course and the instructor you choose as this is the key to successful studying. 

7 Total Score
Great, if you choose the right course

  • They have a huge variety of courses to choose from
  • There are really professional classes at a low price
  • You can watch videos everywhere by getting Udemy app on your phone
  • Some of the courses are of low quality and are not really moderated
  • Udemy serves better for getting superficial knowledge rather than a deep understanding
  • Many courses lack enough practice (like software engineering)
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