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About the company

Simplilearn is a company that helps people gain digital skills via online classes. It has more than 400 courses and about 2000 instructors who teach the students. The company has been on the market since 2009 and now it has two offices in the US and India. 

As for their approach, they claim to use blended-learning, a method of education that combines utilizing online materials and online interaction with traditional classroom ways of studying. The company also has such features as a custom learning path, virtual classrooms, project-based studying and live testing. 

Simplilearn courses

Simplilearn courses review

Their first course was one on PMP (Project Management) and then they have extended the list. Today, there are different directions, from Data Science to Digital Marketing. Among the most popular are such courses as PMP, Data Science with Python and Machine Learning, DevOps, Java, ScrumMaster and other training options. 

It’s also important to mention that Simplilearn offers two types of learning programs, single courses and master’s programs which are a scope of thematically united courses.

The average duration of a single course is 6 to 20 hours of self-learning and about 6 months of 5-10 hours/week for a master’s program.

Simplilearn Pricing

Prices vary. A single course costs approximately $99 to $499, and a fee for a Master’s program can be nearly $1199-1499 to $3999-4796.

There is also an opportunity to get a refund for a single course within 7 days of the purchase. However, you won’t get your money back if you passed more than 25% content of a course or have attended an online classroom for more than 1 day.

However, there is no refund for the Master’s program option after you have paid.

Moreover, right now you can use a Simplilearn coupon and get a 25% discount. The code is STANDOUT25.


Simplilearn PMP Review

As you have already read, PMP is the course the company has started with. Today the company offers different options related to this domain.

  • PMP Certification Training

To start with, PMP or Project Management Professional is an internationally recognized professional certification provided by the Project Management Institute. To obtain it, you need to pass a special exam which is quite complicated. So, PMP Certification Training Course by 

Simplilearn is aimed at preparing a person to complete it successfully. 

PMP Certification course is based on the book Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (6th edition). It includes 35 contact hours, 8 business case studies and 6 hands-on projects. As well, there would be available 7 simulation test papers with 200 questions each.

There are two possible options of the course, self-paced learning that costs $499 and blended learning which costs $999. The difference is in the live, online classroom practice with instructors; this feature is included in the second option.

What is good, they have a money-back guarantee so that you receive your fee back if you don’t pass the exam. However, as experienced PMs say after analyzing its content, this course is good for the beginners but is not so effective for passing the exam itself.

  • Digital Project Manager

One more popular course related to this field is Digital Project Manager, which is a master’s program. This one covers such topics as Agile Scrum methodology, DevOps basics, digital marketing, data science, leadership and some other. This program lasts about 2 years and includes 18 projects to polish knowledge by practicing. The price is $1299. This program also covers the PMP certification mentioned above. 

Simplilearn Data Science

As for Data Science, there are single courses like Data Science with Python or Master’s Program in Data Science. 

  • Data Science with Python

The single course focuses on Python as one of the most suitable programming languages for working with data. This course is aimed at mastering data analysis and visualization, mathematical computing, web scraping and as well as meeting the concept of machine learning and natural language processing. In frames of this course, a student will also be working with such Python libraries as NumPy, SciPy, and ScikitLearn.

Here are also two options for enrolling, self-paced learning with the price of $549 and a blended-learning package for $599. Both packages include 4 industry-based projects to train on and 3 simulation tests. However, the second, more expensive option also allows 90 days of flexible access to online classes.

The duration is 68 hours of blended learning.

As for the students’ feedback, the theoretical part is well-presented and there’s a lack of the coding practice.

  • Data Science Master’s Program

This one covers such courses Data Science Certification Training – R Programming, Data Science with Python, Machine Learning, Tableau Training and other ones. The author is Ronald van Loon who, as is mentioned on the website, is “one of the three most influential people in Big Data.”

The duration is 6 months and the price is $1499.

As for the certification, a student will obtain an individual certificate for each course from this program.

Simplilearn Digital Marketing

Among popular single courses that reveal essential marketing topics are Advanced Search Engine Optimization, Advanced Social Media Certification Program, Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Program, Advanced Email Marketing, Advanced Mobile Marketing, Advanced Website Conversion Rate Optimization, Digital Strategy for Brand Marketing and some others.

  • Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program

The best way to decide on the course is to choose which marketing direction feels the most suitable for you. Or, one more solution is to opt for the all-in-one package like Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program and gain a wider seeing of online marketing.

The master’s program includes main digital marketing topics like creating content and analytics, search engine optimization and paid advertising, promotion via social media, email marketing and a couple of other ones. 

The price is $1999.

Upon completion, Simplilearn gives you a one-year voucher so that you can apply to take the exam with OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional) Certification.

Is Simplilearn accredited?

This question bothers many potential customers as the price is quite high and the programs (Master’s degree) are quite long. A brief answer, Simplilearn is not accredited as an entire institution but some programs are accredited. 

For instance, Simplilearn has been accredited since 2014 by The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (the accreditation number is 01-1087). Also, the company has a partner program with Purdue University for the AI, Machine Learning and some other courses.

Simplilearn Reviews

There are many reviews across the Internet, both positive and negative ones. However, not all positive reviews seem to be from real people. As for the negative, there are quite many Simplilearn complaints about the quality of the content, customer support, lack of training tasks, and a heavy accent of some instructors considering the high price. As for the positive reviews that seem to be real, users mention professional instructors and high-technology platform for online learning. 

Simplilearn Alternatives

Simplilearn vs Udacity

We deem that both providers have a lot in common. Particularly, they have a similar focus on data science, analytics and digital marketing. Also, both companies offer two types of courses – singular and long ones (Udacity has called it ‘nanodegree’ and Simplilearn has named it as ‘Master’s degree’). Moreover, the pricing is more or less at the same level.

As for the difference, Simplilearn has the PMP course as the central one and Udacity is more narrowed down to Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. What also differs is that the first one is an Indian company and the second one is primarily targeted at the US. Moreover, Udacity provides technical and career mentors while Simplilearn is not so focused on a student getting a job in the field afterward. Also, among some minor similarities, Udacity has a scholarship and Simplilearn has partner programs with universities.

Simplilearn vs Udemy

Udemy provides a bunch of different courses almost on any topic while Simplilearn is more focused on their main directions like project management. Udemy has no online classes options or special tests like Simplilearn, however, it is much cheaper (an average course costs up to $20) and you can find a course for almost any special need.

Simplilearn vs Edx

Like Udemy, Edx doesn’t have a specific focus and offers courses on the diversity of topics. Edx has a bar high and its content is well-prepared and structured. The company doesn’t have online classes or such choice between short and long courses like Simplilearn (average duration of their course is 5 weeks of self-learning) but its courses are worth it and they are usually free with certification available for an additional price. 

Is Simplilearn worth the price?

This platform surely has its advantages but considering the price, there are better options for gaining the needed skills online. However, this does not regard courses that are accredited or which are somehow unique like the PMP Certification program.

5 Total Score
There are better alternatives

  • The training platform is good
  • There are professional instructors
  • Project-based learning
  • Issues with the refundment
  • Needs a bigger training part
  • Customer support
  • Most instructors are with a heavy English accent
  • Could be more than 100+ participants in the training
  • Some online classes are inconvenient for students from the US as they can be scheduled for the night time
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