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Teaching kids how to use money wisely is not an easy task. But today there are many companies that offer you a helping hand. This can be done in a different form but today we’ll discuss the way of using a debit card for kids in a combination with an educational app. 

So, here we are considering GoHenry vs Greenlight, two leaders in this industry. 

What are Greenlight and GoHenry

These are the prepaid cards for kids and teens that come with an education app. Such solutions help kids to learn how to earn money with payments per task or having an allowance from parents and allow parents to control have their children use money and make sure spendings are safe.

A prepaid card that both Greenlight and GoHenry offer is actually a debit card but can only have money on it when someone loads into it. Such cards have inbuilt spending limits and kids cannot spend more than they have while also can’t spend on some inappropriate purchases (like gambling or alcohol).

The app offered by GoHenry and Greenlight helps to control money and have additional educational activities like setting spending goals, investing, and just getting money for completing a task set by a parent. 

GoHenry or Greenlight: Final verdict 

Both companies have similar core features so you can consider both as good providers of prepaid cards for kids. Greenlight has more advanced features like investing or cashback so it might be a better educational tool for a kid. Also, while GoHenry is cheaper if you have one kid, Greenlight is a more affordable option if you have two and more kids.

GoHenry vs Greenlight pros & cons


6.5Expert Score
Cheaper but less features

A cheaper option with fewer features

  • A cheaper option if you one kid
  • Is available in the US and UK (compared to Greenlight available in the US only)
  • Fewer features and settings than what Greenlight offers
  • No mobile payments (with Google Pay or Apple Pay)
  • ATM fees


8Expert Score
Better choice

A lot of useful financial tools and options

  • A lot of useful financial tools for kids; more options than GoHenry offers (like investing or the Parent-Paid Interest feature)
  • More saving options (like savings rewards)
  • More specific spending control is available (like limits for specific shops)
  • Mobile payments available
  • No ATM fees
  • Cheaper if you have more than one kid
  • More educational content within the app
  • More expensive if you have one kid
  • available in the US only

Brief comparison

Price$3.99/month per kid$4.99 – $9.98/month per family (up to 5 kids)
LocationUS & UKUS only
Issued byVisaMasterCard
ATM feeYes, $1.5-2No
Custom cards$9.99 each$4.99 each
(weekly or monthly)
(weekly, biweekly, or monthly)
(you can also connect allowance with chores)
(saving goals)
(saving goals + Parent-Paid Interest , Savings Reward and Round Ups features)
InvestingNoYes, under parental control
Cash backNoYes
GoHenry vs Greenlight comparison table

Similarities between GoHenry and Greenlight

The companies have core similarities when it comes to the main features and usage.

  • Both Greenlight and GoHenry offer a debit card and an app for kids and their parents.
  • Both companies have parental spending control and real-time notifications.
  • Both GoHenry and Greenlight have a feature to pay for tasks completed (recurring or one-time chores)
  • Both allow to pay allowance automatically (e.g. once a week or once a month). Greenlight also allows connecting chores to allowance, unlike GoHenry.
  • Both apps allow to set savings goals, save money on this goal and track their progress.
  • Both allow to make online or offline purchases or use ATM
  • Both allow parents to lock kids’ spending
  • Family members can load money into the kid’s account
  • Both companies have a donation option (donates go to Charity Navigator with Greenlight and Boys & Girls Clubs of America with GoHenry)
  • Both allow custom card design

Differences between GoHenry and Greenlight

Here is the breakdown of the differences which will help you decide which card is better for you.

Price and additional fees

  • With Greenlight, you pay a monthly fee (starting from $4.99) per family; so up to five kids can have their own Greenlight card for this price. With GoHenry you pay per child ($3.99) which means it gets more expensive than Greenlight if you have more than one kid.
  • Greenlight doesn’t have an ATM fee and GoHenry has a $1.5 fee for domestic ATMs and $2 for international ones.


  • Unlike GoHenry, Greenlight allows you to use mobile payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay).

Spending control

  • Greenlight has five spending categories and you can set spending limits for each. Moreover, you can even add a specific store to add spending limits. GoHenry doesn’t offer such settings to limit spending–they have inbuilt limitations like alcohol or tobacco stores.

Saving and earning features

  • GoHenry doesn’t have a savings reward, whereas Greenlight has 1-2% depending on the membership plan. Greenlight rewards are based on the average daily savings and are paid at the beginning of each month. 
  • Greenlight has a unique Parent-Paid Interest feature. It allows parents to set and pay an interest rate from 1-100% that would be loaded into the kid’s General Savings.
  • Greenlight has the Round Ups feature meaning that during each transaction, extra change from purchases (roundup to the next dollar) is added to the savings account. GoHenry doesn’t have such a feature.
  • After reaching saving goals, GoHenry has only an option to transfer money back to the spending account (or keep them temporarily on the saving goal). Meanwhile, Greenlight has more options: except for basic options, you can edit the Savings Goal and increase the goal amount or leave money on the saving goal account and earn Parent-Paid Interest.
  • Greenlight has a cashback option available within its Greenlight Max plan whereas GoHenry doesn’t.


  • Greenlight allows kids to invest with trade approval from parents for an extra monthly fee, and GoHenry doesn’t have such an option. With Greenlight, a kid will have their own investment portfolio and can purchase fractional shares of over 4,000 real stocks and ETFs starting with just $1. To do this, parents need to approve the trading request made by a kid.

So, we hope this GoHenry vs Greenlight review is useful and you’ll be able to easily make the decision on which card to choose.


David is an advocate of financial literacy. Having previously worked as a financial advisor and being a father of two daughters, he wants to show solutions to improve financial behavior.

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