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What is Treehouse

TreeHouse or Team TreeHouse is an online platform for learning coding, design, and business-related topics. It offers more than 300 courses, 278 workshops and unites more than 80,000 students. Interesting so far? Let’s find out more in this TreeHouse review.

  • Professional high-quality videos
  • Beginner-friendly courses, some courses are designed to get prepared for any coding courses
  • Helpful community to ask questions about coding and other topics
  • Discounts for different online tools and resources like Codebase, SketchCasts, UXPin, etc
  • Workshops and other events
  • Low price
  • Lack of good projects for portfolio
  • Doesn’t give much beyond the basics
  • The list of courses doesn’t really grow
  • Slow-paced videos which might be irritating for someone
  •  Too easy assignments (e.g. you need to repeat the instructor code)
  • No certificates with the Courses pricing plan
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There are better options

High-quality videos and low price but there is a huge number of disadvantages as well

Best Team Treehouse Alternatives

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Best alternative for Data Science and Python
Go to Coursera
Best alternative for Data Science and Python
Go to DataCamp

Team Treehouse Courses

As they say on the website, their courses are “designed for true beginners.” And indeed the company offers a number of courses for complete beginners like Beginning Python, Beginning SQL, Beginning Java, a separate pre-coding course called Learn to Code for Beginners, etc.

The main focus of the company is programming so you will find various topics like JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby, and more on Teamtreehouse. Meanwhile, it offers content on other subjects like Business-related topics and marketing, UX Design, and there is no variety of such topics.

The easiest way to find the needed course is to browse by categories.

Teamtreehouse Courses

Teamtreehouse Tracks

Treehouse’s feature is tracks as the main learning format. Tracks are a set of single courses around one main subject (e.g. Data Science or Web Design). There are over 50 tracks in total with the majority of them being on programming. Menwhile, there are also tracks on design, project management, marketing, etc. Among the most popular Treehouse tracks are Front End Web Development (56 hours), Full Stack JavaScript (43 h), and Beginning Python (14h).

The duration of each track varies but it takes on average 15 to 30 hours to complete it.

Teamtreehouse Techdegree programs

Techdegree is the longest type of programs offered by Treehouse. They take on average 3 to 9 months to complete and are designed to get prepared for a new career.

Treehouse features 5 techdegree programs:

  • Front End Web Development
  • Full Stack JavaScript
  • Python Development
  • Data Analysis
  • UX Design

Apart from the theory, each program includes 5 to 10 real-world projects that are also peer-reviewed. As an illustration, the Full Stack JavaScript techdegree contains such projects as A Random Quote Generator, Public API Requests, Static Node.js and Express Site, Word guessing game, and other ones.

TreeHouse Coding Review  

TreeHouse Web Development Course

The Front End Web Development TreeHouse track takes at least 56 hours to watch all the material and covers all the topics from HTML, CSS, Javascript to website hosting. Here the focus is more on HTML and CSS rather than on Javascript which is however much harder to grasp.

You can also learn top JS frameworks like React, Angular or Vue in separate courses.

TreeHouse Python Course

As for Python, on TreeHouse you can find four tracks, Beginning Python (14 hours), Intermediate Python (10 hours), Flask with SQLAlchemy (16 hours) and Flask with Peewee (18 hours). 

For instance, the Beginning Python track covers the following topics: Tuples, Lists, Sequences, Dictionaries, Functions, Packing and Unpacking, Object-Oriented Pythons, and some other ones.                  

Meanwhile, there are plenty of Python-related courses like Seaborn, SQLAlchemy, Scraping Data From the Web, Basic Math for Data Analysis, and many more.

TreeHouse Java Course

There are three Java tracks offered by TreeHouse: Beginning Java (8 hours), Intermediate Java (17 hours) and Java Web Development (24 hours). The Beginning Java track includes such single courses as Java Objects, Strings, Arrays, Inheritance, Interfaces, and others.

Intermediate Java course covers the following topics within Functional Programming: Regular Expressions, Local Development Environments, Lambdas Unit Testing, Debugging and ends with Build an FX Application lesson.     

Java Web Development includes Unit Testing, HTML and CSS, HTTP Basics, Spring, and other topics.                                   

Treehouse Pricing

The cost of Team Treehouse has a monthly-based model and mainly depends on whether you choose a course or a degree.

  • The basic price of courses (tracks also fall into this category) is $25/mo. This course content itself, practice sessions and students community. There is another option–Courses Plus–where you also get access to additional content like Workshops and are able to download videos. This option is available at $49/mo.
  • The price for Techdegree is $199/month and it’s the same for all five programs. So, it will cost at least $597 to complete a techdegree program.
  • There is also an option for teams learning available for $299/year.
Treehouse cost

There is also a 7-day free trial but you need to cancel it yourself after the seventh day; otherwise, you have to pay $25 per month so don’t get trapped. For the free trial, you will need to add your card details.

To start, you need to choose a course (track) or techdegree. Then, proceed with a 7-day free trial. Here you will need to enter your personal data such as name, email and put your payment information. 

Team Treehouse Reviews

Generally, there are different reviews about Treehouse online. Customers say that Team Treehouse has quality videos and the community is really helpful. Also, the price is quite low compared to its main rivals.

However, students complain about a lack of good projects to practice skills and add them to their portfolio. Moreover, while the Teamtreehouse courses are designed for beginners students say that the company doesn’t give much beyond the basics and assignments are too easy. On the downside is also the fact that you cannot get the certificate with the Courses pricing plan.

Here are a couple of recent Team Treehouse reviews from Reddit:

“I just completed the Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree, and honestly wouldn’t recommend it. It took me just over six months to complete, so cost was $1400. That’s cheaper than a proper “bootcamp”, but the time and money I spent were not worth the poor-quality content I received.” (2022)

“The content of Full Stack JavaScript is very outdated. They try to patch up this and that by throwing little half-ass text tutorials in or racing through some caveats, but they are not helpful. The projects rely on old components.”(2022)

“I’m a full-time engineer now, I liked Team Treehouse. The only thing that can prepare you for an entry-level position is to code. Watching Team Treehouse alone won’t get you anywhere.” (2021)

Is Treehouse free?

No, you need to pay for Team Treehouse, from $25 to $199 per month.

How much is Team Treehouse?

Single courses and tracks are $25-49/mo and techdegree programs are $199/mo.

Who owns Teamtreehouse?

The company is owned by Ryan and Gillian Carson and emerged from the company called Carsonified.

How long does Treehouse Techdegree take?

The average time to complete a techdegree program by Treehouse is seven months, but it can vary from 6 to 12 months.

Is a Treehouse tech degree worth it?

It’s a good way for beginners to learn the subject from scratch but might be not so good for finding a job afterward.

Is Treehouse good for web development?

Web development is probably the best program on Team Treehouse but there is a lack of good projects.

Let’s compare Team Treehouse with other popular online courses.

Teamtreehouse vs Coursera

When comparing Coursera and Teamtreehouse, the main difference is that the first platform has an academic approach; it is aimed at giving the quality of university courses and more theoretical knowledge. Meanwhile, Teamtreehouse focuses on providing a more practical approach to a student gains the needed skills to find a new job in programming after completing the course.

Read a detailed review of Coursera to learn more.

Udemy vs Teamtreehouse

Udemy is an online classes provider where you can find anything from web development to psychology topics. Teamtreehouse, on the other hand, is more narrowly focused. Usually, more specific providers give deeper information on their focus subjects. However, it all depends on the instructor. While on Teamtreehouse the syllabus is developed from the best practices and you don’t have that need to make the correct choice, on Udemy there are hundreds of programming courses where some are excellent and some are weak. 

However, Udemy is much cheaper. There you can usually buy a four-month course for $10-$12 (as there are permanent discounts), while Teamtreehouse costs from $25 just for a month. 

Teamtreehouse vs FreecodeCamp

Those courses are similar but at the same time, have quality differences. Particularly, Teamtreehouse provides more detailed information on the programming language but also requires you to spend money on getting these coding skills. As well, many students say that FreecodeCamp is more about the personal challenge when you need to do a lot of tasks on your own and often look for information on the external sources. 

Teamtreehouse vs Pluralsight

Those two providers generally are about the same, they teach people how to code. Both platforms provide well-organized information and have very similar pricing (Pluralsight costs $29 per month). However, many users of Pluralsight complain about poor customer support on this website, while Teamtreehouse support is really a big thumb up. Also, Pluralsight allows you to have only 200 minutes of free trial which is much shorter than on Teamtreehouse. 

Is Team Treehouse worth it?

The basic and pro options are for sure worth the money. You get well-structured information and constant feedback on your code. However, it is your choice whether you are ready to pay almost $200 for a Tech Degree option. Generally, the courses are useful but you need to really put your time and effort into it to become a developer!

Disclosure: Self-Starters team has not received any compensation from TeamTreehouse or anyone else associated with the company. However, this review contains affiliate links, which means that, if you click & purchase from these links then, we will receive a small commission. This commission helps us to maintain this website. But you don’t pay anything extra.


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