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Today, there are so many online marketing courses out there that often it is really hard to make a wise decision. If you choose one that doesn’t worth the spendings, first, you lose your money invested, second and more important, you lose your time.

Thus, for you not to conduct a long searching through the Web, we have gathered the best digital marketing courses from different providers such as Udemy, Skillshare, edX, Alison, Coursera, and Udacity.

So, below are the top 30 digital marketing courses and after this table, you can find a huge list of 500 positions.

Top 30 digital marketing courses

CourseDescriptionDurationPriceCourse Provider
Ultimate Google Ads Training 2020: Profit with Pay Per ClickThis course gives you a deep understanding of how to use Google AdWords in 2020 to efficiently generate leads and sales.25.5 hours<20$Udemy
Social Media Marketing MASTERY | Learn Ads on 10+ PlatformsBecome familiar with social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other networks.8 hours<20$Udemy
Instagram Marketing 2020: Hashtags, Live, Stories, Ads &moreThis class teaches how to create and grow an Instagram account on the real case.23 hours<20$Udemy
The Complete Copywriting Course : Write to Sell Like a ProThis class is for those who want to write effective copy that sells and boosts your career; it includes templates and free tools.3 hours<20$Udemy
Social Media Marketing Agency : Digital Marketing + BusinessThis course uncovers how to use Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks to promote your business or personal brand. 49 hours<20$Udemy
Facebook Marketing – Build Facebook Messenger ChatbotsThis course will teach you how to design, develop and improve Facebook Chatbots with no coding skills. 11.5 hours<20$Udemy
VIP Digital Marketing Master Course : 31 Courses in 1This course takes you into such trending topics as Instagram, Facebook, SEO, AdWords, Youtube, email-marketing, WordPress and other aspects of digital marketing.62.5 hours<20$Udemy
Business Branding: The Complete Course Part 1 – StrategyDiscover the basics of how to build a strong brand for your business and use it in terms of marketing.4 hours<20$Udemy
Become a God of Instagram Marketing Step by Step proven waysLearn about the most effective Instagram strategies to promote your business; create viral posts and automate your Instagram activity.10 hours<20$Udemy
LinkedIn Marketing Lead Generation for B2B Sales and CoachesDiscover strong sides of Linkedin as a tool of generating leads and sales in B2B business; effective messaging templates included5 hours<20$Udemy
Fast & effective Landing Page course: Start converting todayThis class shows the basics of how to create high-converting landing pages in just a couple of hours.2 hours<20$Udemy
Marketing: How to Market Yourself as a Coach or ConsultantThis course reveals how to build your personal brand to become a known consultant or couch.3.5 hours<20$Udemy
Certified Facebook Marketing 2020 (Complete Masterclass)Become an expert in Facebook marketing by learning growth funnels, chatbot, and Facebook ads.9 hours<20$Udemy
Zero Cost Marketing Strategies: Official Primer Course (NEW)This course uncovers free marketing tools to reach your business needs and make money.2.5 hours<20$Udemy
Copywriting for Conversions: How to Write Persuasive ContentLearn how to create converting website or social media content and use it for getting leads and generate sales. 2-3 hoursFreeAlison
Introduction to MarketingLearn the most important marketing strategies and tools with this free Introduction to Marketing online course.2-3 hoursFreeAlison
YouTube Marketing: The Five Essential StepsThis course shows how to generate free targeted traffic on YouTube and keep your audience engaged.1-2 hoursFreeAlison
Facebook Advertising for BeginnersGet insights into how to easily launch a Facebook advertising campaign and figure out which audience to target.2-3 hoursFreeAlison
Marketing Management – The Marketing Research ProcessGain a better understanding of growth strategies, international marketing, and product evaluation with this course.2-3 hoursFreeAlison
Strategic Social Media MarketingBecome familiar with effective social media engagement based on a strong strategy and thoughtfully measured outcomes.6 weeks / 4–6 hours per weekFree / verified certificate for $399 USDedX
Marketing Innovative Products and ServicesLearn how to market a new venture by knowing key marketing concepts and strategies of commercialization.4 weeks / 2–3 hours per week Free / verified certificate for $149 USDedX
Managing Marketing in the Hospitality and Tourism IndustryThis course will show you how to apply the newest marketing principles to the hospitality and tourism industry.6 weeks / 6–8 hours per weekFree/ verified certificate for $198 USDedX
Online Marketing StrategiesThis course reveals such marketing tools as social media and digital analytics to promote your business effectively.12 weeks / 8-10 hours per weekFree / verified certificate for $199 USDedX
Market Segmentation AnalysisThis course will provide you with an understanding of how to conduct data-driven market segmentation analysis to yield an advantage over rivals.5 weeks / 6–8 hours per weekFree / verified certificate for $99 USDedX
Quick Tips & Tricks to Learn Digital Marketing in NO TIMEDiscover useful tips on how to dig into digital marketing fast in this course.3h 48mFreeSkillshare
Instagram for Business: Build an Engaged Community | Learn with IconosquareLearn how to use Instagram for business and build your active online community in this course.1h 31mFreeSkillshare
The Ultimate Remarketing Ads Masterclass – Retargeting Customers for More ROIThis masterclass on remarketing will show you how to bring customers and get higher ROI. 1h 52mFreeSkillshare
Introduction to Social Media Advertising | Learn with BufferLearn the basics of Social Media Marketing during this course.1h 9mFreeSkillshare
Brand an Online Shop: Create a Cohesive Product LineDiscover main tactics on how to provide effective branding for an online shop.36mFreeSkillshare
Introduction to MarketingLearn the basics of customer loyalty which includes building a brand, being customer-oriented, and knowing practical market strategies.8-12 hours $29-$99Coursera
The Strategy of Content MarketingDiscover the essential content marketing strategies which help to acquire and retain clients and get a decent profit.18-22 hours $29-$100Coursera
Digital Media and Marketing PrinciplesDiscover what impact online technologies have on communication strategies in digital marketing.12-16 hours $29-$105Coursera
Leadership Through MarketingGain knowledge on how to develop competitive marketing strategies and create value for a customer based on well-structured data. 8-12 hours $29-$110Coursera

So check out the extended table below and search for the needed course. To ease the process, put the keyword like “SEO”, “Social Media Marketing”, “Advertising”, “Instagram” in the search box.

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